Air purifier ranks ninth in 2015

Air purifier ranks ninth in 2015

Nine major brands of air purifiers in 2015

We will use air purifiers to remove some harmful substances in the environment, but generally speaking, good air purifier products will be more effective, you are the top ten air purifiers in 2015, you can see the machine ranking.

Ten Brands of Air Purifier 1. Philips

Philips is a Dutch brand with a long history. Philips is very famous in the industry for its small household appliances. Whatever its appearance and performance, Philips products are generally more expensive and relatively better than expensive ones.

Ten Brands of Air Purifier 2. Beautiful

The Midea brand is famous all over the country. I know that the products used by American friends do not have good product performance. The important thing is to buy American products.

Ten Brands of Air Purifier 3. Steps

Step-by-step production, domestic air purifier brand, to better understand the needs of domestic consumers, can be used to create a good consumer brand.

Ten Brands of Air Cleaner 4. Sharp/Sharp

Sharp/Sharp household appliances are also well known in the world. Air purifier products also have many advantages. The price difference between products and other brand products is not a big and considerate brand.

Ten Brands of Air Purifier 5. Marata

Marata is a well-known consumer electronics brand and pilot company of small household appliances. Marata products rank among the top ten air purifier brands in international brands in terms of design and overall performance. It has not yet been completed.

Ten Brands of Air Purifier 6 Audio

Odio is the world’s leading pilot air purifier company. Now the world’s first intelligent solar thermal air purifier is all in Odio. This is the only air purifier in the world that can witness the strength of the Odio brand. This is a machine.

Top Ten Brands of Air Purifier 7. Ruibao-Brutal

Rubel-Brutal is a Swedish air purifier brand, which originates from international recognition. Rubber-Bruyal’s penetration into the domestic market may not be very high, but I know that there are many consumers, which is recognized.

Ten Brands of Air Purifier 8. Honeywell Honeywell

Honeywell Honeywell is considered to be a high-end air purifier brand. Its products show high quality from inside to outside, which occupies a large market share from domestic American brands.

Air purifier 10 brands 9. The remedy is the first enterprise in the world, and now the design team is the first professional research team in the world. Human technology is one of the biggest advantages of the United States, which combines with mature technology and has a great influence in this industry.

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