Can the air purifier run 24 hours in a row?

Can the air purifier run 24 hours in a row?

Can the air purifier work continuously for 24 hours? Is there a problem with continuous use?

In fact, as long as the fan life, wear and heat dissipation is not a problem, then no problem. In theory, all electrical appliances can run 24 hours without interruption, but they also have a lifetime. How to Use Time

For example, the normal filter life is one year, but when used 24 hours uninterruptedly, the filter life may last only about half a year. Three months. Experts advise people to shut down the machine when they enter and when there is no one. Be sure to open at night.

According to the situation, the main air purifier used for electrostatic or plasma discharge may produce a small amount of ozone. It is not recommended to operate 24 hours, because the ozone concentration in the room may exceed the standard for a long time. After a long period of operation, the exhaust of the air purifier may have a clear odor. Share this article

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