Air purifier: To do practical things is more important than the brand of storytelling. Don’t “surge”.

Air purifier: To do practical things is more important than the brand of storytelling. Don’t “surge”.

Since the fourth year of explosive growth in 2013, the air purifier market has become an attractive big “cake” Gfk Retail observes the test data in 2016 and the market as a whole continues to accelerate a quarter of the market. As you can see, in the face of unprecedented markets, it also faces the so-called black horse’s counterattack. The diversification of the industry’s top frontiers has always been required.

Specifically, in addition to traditional brands such as Samsung, Haier, Philips, Adu, ambitious, sharp, last year in the air purifier market, but the emergence of millet, Cheetah Internet reached the industry yes. Large-scale environmental improvement and healthy air.

However, in my opinion, there are too many hasty starting points, so I quickly began to put forward the concept of speculation, but the brand is in the same big air, but I still want to remind you that I think. The brand is more practical than storytelling and more important than the concept. “If you tell a story in your mouth, don’t blindly base your product on it.

Speculators are still suspended in the air, “fishing in troubled waters”.

There is no doubt that the huge potential of the domestic market is that the domestic market share of air purifiers is generally not high, far lower than Japan, South Korea, and Europe. Air purifiers in this field, users are only necessary, but there are too many brands in the industry, often problems. In fact, what is being released is a small “black factory” located in Foshan City, Guangdong Province, where “indigenous” manufacturing, Philips, Sharp, and other Asian brands have repeatedly found serious inefficiencies.

Although the Air Freshener Country released its “new national standards” earlier this year, the fundamental solution to the air network industry so far is not like “chaos”. Undoubtedly, the whole user industry will become undoubtedly fake and inferior and finally triggered a conflict.

In addition, although many players seem to be crowded, the air has become a pig, but once it is used, it will not be cheated and purchased, resulting in negative word of mouth. Enterprise prospects, marketing, hype, storytelling, these are just speculative exit, difficult to succeed, and the key determinant of success is to really capture users. Users, the most important thing is the perfect product, which is the real value for users.

Establishing Consumer Demand is the King’s Way

Following all the friends in the industry you know, the country has begun to promulgate the ability to measure new GB standards for air purifiers, ignoring the practical experience of setting up low-end price wars, and suppliers are not familiar with the use of clean consumer products that start laughing, understanding rather than hype.

The low strategy should not be criticized, it should be cheap, but the name “I am in the world” is a little exaggerated.

In fact, some air purifier companies interested in speculation will tell this story, and some manufacturers in the industry have positioned it as having a clear understanding.

Since March this year, CADR, CCM, energy performance level and noise value of air-state products have been clearly regulated. The basic indicators issued by the new national standards for the four basic indicators have been identified. The identification of the four indicators shows that Samsung has become a good example. It can provide reliable trust in Samsung’s high-end product line, air-net products, and four identifiable indicators. Among other indicators, the 7000 series of standards which are the most reliable in the field are far higher than the new national standards, the new national standards even 10 times the CCM value of air cleanliness, while Samsung has a sound production and sales system of air purifiers in the accumulated field.

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