Air purifiers are very important whether or not there is haze

Air purifiers are very important whether or not there is haze.

Recently, the weather after the rain is fine, people can spend a good time with the blue sky, home air purifiers are also together for a long time holiday. If there is no cloudy day, is the air purifier really just a display?

The reason you are not called an air purifier Haze purification machine is, of course, its true reason.

Air pollution is not only cloudy, but there are still many other aspects of air pollution around us. Formaldehyde is a type of air pollutant and can not be ignored. Unlike large haze, it looks clear, but it may smell, the range is even more extensive. The main hazard of formaldehyde is that it has an irritating effect on the skin and mucous membranes, and when it reaches a concentration that is inside the room, people feel uncomfortable.

If the concentration of formaldehyde exceeds 0.08m3, headache, red eyes, itching, sore throat or discomfort, ho voice, sneezing, chest tightness, wheezing, skin edema, dermatitis may be caused.

Far away from the trap of the day, what can an air purifier do after all?

First, if your house is newly decorated or you buy a new one, the smell of formaldehyde may not be, but this air purifier purifies the formaldehyde as it is still present I can.

Second, friends may come to visit as guests and they may want to smoke. If the outdoor weather is very cold or it is raining, it is not appropriate outdoors. A timely compromise that reduces the risk of secondhand smoke is a good way to open an air purifier.

Also, long-running hoods may not be as powerful, but it seems too expensive to update quickly and the installation is also very cumbersome. This time, a household idle air purifier is very useful.

With regard to humidification and sterilization of these functions, it goes without saying that we usually use such functions. In a nutshell, home air purifiers can eliminate air pollution inside the house, so cleaner homes and healthier people.

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