Air Vitamin”- Benefits of Negative Ions

Air Vitamin”- Benefits of Negative Ions


Reactive oxygen species can be produced and anions can activate oxygen molecules in the air effectively, make them more active, more easily absorbed by the human body, and effectively prevent “air conditioning diseases”.

Improving lung function

When the human body absorbs negative ions carrying oxygen, the lung oxygen uptake increases by 20%, and the carbon dioxide uptake increases by more than 14.5%.

Stimulating metabolism,

The activation of various enzymes in the body promotes super.

Improving disease resistance

It can change the body’s response-ability, activate the function of the reticuloendothelial system, and enhance the body’s immunity.

Improve Sleep

Through the action of negative oxygen ions, people’s minds can be excited, work efficiency can be improved, and sleep can also be improved, and has an obvious analgesic effect.

We have many advantages in using negative ion air purifiers.

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