Basic knowledge of plasma!

Basic knowledge of plasma!

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Principle of plasma cutting
The plasma is actually a mixture of positive ions, negative ions and electrons under the action of the outside world. It can also be said to be the fourth state of matter. A plasma arc is a high energy density compression arc, essentially an arc. Plasma arc cutting is a process in which a high temperature and high speed plasma arc is used as a heat source to partially melt the cut metal and simultaneously blow the molten metal away by a high velocity gas flow to form a narrow slit. When a gas becomes a plasma, it undergoes a process called ionization. When ionization occurs, more energy is added to the gas to cause its qualitative change, which creates a free clamp in the gas atom. Electrons and ions. These free electrons make the plasma gas conductive.

Olansi plasma beauty instrument
Elimination of bacteria: active oxygen atom sterilization, oxygen molecule sterilization, plasma sterilization
Repair the skin: enhance the skin’s ability to moisturize and avoid dry skin itching
High energy permeability: activates the epidermal cells of the skin, increases the hydrophilicity of the skin, and helps the absorption of the essence.
Improves wrinkles: Balances skin’s ionic position, tightens the skin’s dermis, reduces wrinkles, and inhibits skin aging
Brighten skin tone: promotes sufficient cells, promotes collagen synthesis, helps skin regenerate, breaks down melanin, enhances skin tone
Other functions: stop bleeding, purify the air, remove odor

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