The advantages and disadvantages of the cleansing instrument

The advantages and disadvantages of the cleansing instrument

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In recent years, a new cleansing method has been developed, which is called a cleansing instrument. The principle of ultrasound is mainly used to make the fine hair on the washing brush vibrate to achieve efficient and non-irritating cleaning and massage effects. Now the technology-promoting cleansing instrument can be placed on the wireless charger to make the brush head dry by the self-contained drying system. The next time the consumer uses the clean brush head and the non-porous design, it is easy to clean and avoid the breeding of pathogens such as bacteria and mites.

Based on the benefits and harms of the cleansing instrument, as a cleansing instrument for skin care artifacts, what flash points can attract so many people to compete for purchase, and what doubts make some people discouraged, below, I will come to solve for you all. Mystery!

1. Is any skin type suitable?
1. The design of the cleansing instrument is varied. From the brush material of the brush head to the density of the bristles, the power of the brush head, etc., there are many different types for different skin types.
2. Do not use sensitive skin and people with severe pustules, wounds, or those undergoing medical cosmetic treatment.

Second, precautions when using before use
Some people think that the cleansing instrument is easy to use, and can be cleaned directly on the face with cleansing milk. Since most of the cleansing bristles are made of chemical fiber, the bristles are rough and hard when dry, and it is easy to wear and damage the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to use a smooth cleansing lotion or cleansing foam after soaking to cushion the friction of the brush head on the facial skin.

Third, the cleansing instrument can remove makeup?
The make-up contains oil and fat, and the cleansing device removes makeup, which will quickly age the brush. Therefore, it is recommended that you clean the face with a cleansing device.
Can the cleansing instrument be used with scrub?
The cleansing instrument is mainly used to clean the old dead skin cells and the oxidized sebum in the pores. It has a strong keratin cleaning effect. Therefore, it is not recommended to use a scrub or other exfoliating skin care products while using a cleansing device. Damage to the sebum membrane causes skin sensitivity problems.

Olansi 2-in-1 Cleansing Importer
Deep Cleaning
 Micropulse reversal technology
 Lead reverse rotation cleansing
 Open the pores
 Take away the dirt on the skin surface
 Deep cleaning
Drive skin movement
 Micro vibration mode
 Increase skin elasticity
 Promote collagen regeneration
 Improve skin firmness
Ultrasonic introduction
 42 ° C heat to open the skin channel
 Water molecule atomization
 Refine the essence into small molecular particles
 Micro vibration introduction
 Push the skin care essence to the bottom of the skin

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