Beijing plans to install air purifiers

Beijing plans to install air purifiers

According to local education authorities, Beijing plans to install air purifiers as part of school building standards to cope with frequent smog weather in the capital.

The Beijing Times said Tuesday that government departments, including the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Education (BMCE), are drafting standards for school construction in the city, including the installation of air purifiers.

In response to severe smog forecasts, Beijing issued two red pollution warnings this winter. Under this, all urban kindergartens, primary schools, and high schools are closed.

Xi’an said the effectiveness of air purifiers in compact classrooms had not been determined, adding that schools could install air purifiers on their own.

“Installation of water purifiers in classrooms is to ensure the safety of students and requires parental approval,” Xi’an said.

Parents shrouded in Beijing’s dangerous smog have repeatedly called on primary and secondary schools to install air purifiers in their classrooms, but schools refuse to accept the approval of the education authorities. Their children’s school, but their efforts were rejected.

Well-funded kindergartens and elementary schools have installed air purifiers in their classrooms, but some schools are unable to buy them because of insufficient budgets.

Hao Xianjun, chairman of Shijingshan School, opened the air purification system during the Pollution Day battle against the Beijing Times. The concentration of PM2.5 (floating particles less than 2.5 microns in diameter) announced that it would be reduced to less than micrograms. When a new teaching building is built every cubic meter this year, Shijingshan Experimental Junior High School will take the lead in installing such a system.

During the fourth session of the 12th People’s Political Advisory Committee of Beijing, many consultants submitted a proposal for schools to deal with smog.

Pu Zhe, a member of the committee, said that the education department would set up a special smoke fund, set up an air purification system in schools, set up what types of air purifiers and start a comprehensive procurement platform. He said local regulations should be introduced.

Beijing-based Mirror told committee members Thursday that at its meeting on Thursday, primary and secondary schools are expected to extend winter holidays and reduce summer holidays as smog covers the capital in winter. Beijing primary and secondary schools for about a month.

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