Can air purifiers improve indoor air quality?

Can air purifiers improve indoor air quality?

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With the improvement of the level of social and economic development, everyone’s pursuit of quality of life has improved, and they are very concerned about their environment. In recent years, air quality has deteriorated, and air purifiers have become popular and popular with everyone.

The air purifier can absorb, transform and decompose various air pollutants (including PM2.5, odor, formaldehyde, pollen, dust and other decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens, etc.), and effectively improve the air cleanliness of the products, mainly For household, commercial, industrial, building.

Earlier than in 1823, John and Charles Dean invented a new type of smoke protection device that allowed firefighters to avoid smoke during firefighting. During World War II, the US government began research on radioactive materials, and HEPA filters came into being. In the 1980s, the focus of air purification has shifted to air purification. Since the late 1990s, there has been an “antibacterial heat” in the field of air purifiers. After 2002, air purifiers began to be equipped with “streaming energy” technology. In order to meet the need to eliminate room drying, in 2008, the air purifier added a “humidification function”. With the advancement of science and technology, the functions of air purifiers are gradually improving, and the application fields are becoming more and more extensive.

At present, air purifiers are mainly used in home, medical, and industrial fields. In the home field, a single-type household air purifier is the mainstream product in the market. The main function is to remove particulate matter from the air, and at the same time solve the air pollution problem of indoor and underground spaces and volatile organic compounds in the car. The use of air purifiers to purify indoor air is one of the internationally recognized methods for improving indoor air quality due to the persistence and uncertainty of the release of air pollutants in relatively closed spaces.

The data shows that the popularity of air purifiers in the United States is 27%, while in Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, Japan, South Korea and other countries, the indoor air improvement equipment allocation rate in public places, family rooms, etc. has exceeded 20%.

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