To solve indoor pollution, how big is the role of the air purifier?

To solve indoor pollution, how big is the role of the air purifier?

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It is undeniable that industrialization has covered most of the world. However, with the advancement of human society, the development of science and technology, the destruction of the living environment has reached the red line. For example, the reduction of forests, rising sea levels, etc. have endangered human life. Then the decline in air quality during these crises has undoubtedly caused great harm and inconvenience to our lives.

In this environment, the air purifiers that emerged as the times have become the main means and important means for us to improve and control air quality. The air purifier is a nemesis of indoor air pollution. It is an indoor ‘360 health guard’. The ability to resist indoor pollutants makes it trust people, but there are still people asking, is the air purifier useful? Let’s discuss this issue below.

As one of the most basic substances for the development of life and health, air has a huge impact on life. In the context of the pollution of the environment and the sharp decline in air quality, and the increasing amount of indoor pollutants, air purification Can the device really improve our breathing quality? Of course, the air purifier is not a large ambient air purifier. The environment that can improve the air quality is limited to the indoor space. Some people will question whether the indoor air is the safest place. Is the air polluted? But you can’t underestimate, because indoors are not only affected by air pollution in the big environment, such as car exhaust, garbage smell, factory exhaust, etc., as well as the destruction of various indoor pollutants, such as formaldehyde, tovc, Pathogens, etc. However, according to incomplete statistics, about two-thirds of people spend a day in indoor space. Therefore, indoor air quality is seriously damaged by people’s health, so we will not be polluted indoors. Do not give more explanation for the time being.

However, how does the air purifier clean the indoor pollutants and how to cover the indoor air quality? The air purifier, also known as the air purifier, is composed of fan power, filter net and various purification technologies. The air purifier combines these main constituent elements scientifically and effectively to clean up the pollutants in the indoor air. And purification, which is why air purifiers have such a skill. Next we will talk about the purification of air purifiers.

The HEPA filter is made of laminated antimicrobial peptide PP fiber, which, like paper, is capable of absorbing 99.7% of suspended particles of 0.3 micron size (0.3 micron is the most difficult to filter).

Activated carbon filter Activated carbon is an internationally recognized high-efficiency adsorption material. Activated carbon is a porous carbonaceous material. Its developed void structure makes it have a large surface area, so it is easy to be fully toxic with harmful gases in the air. Contact, a strong adsorption field around the activated carbon hole will immediately inhale the toxic gas molecules into the pores, so the active carbon has a strong adsorption capacity is also the main technology to remove gaseous pollutants.

UV disinfection is widely used. It can purify the air and eliminate the musty smell. In addition, it can produce a certain amount of negative oxygen ions. The room is especially fresh after being disinfected by ultraviolet light.

Negative ions are formed by the combination of free electrons in the oxygen molecules in the air. Negative oxygen ions enjoy the reputation of ‘vitamin’, ‘air vitamin’, ‘longevit’, ‘air vitamin’ in the medical world, and the use of air purifiers. Negative ion purification technology can further improve the quality of indoor air.

The above is the common purification technology in the air purifier. With such a purification method, it is a nightmare for various pollutants in the air, and it is a dream for human health. Therefore, in the face of the huge trauma caused by indoor air pollution, the choice of air purifier is the best choice.

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