Can Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner Really Remove Agricultural Residues ?

Can Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner Really Remove Agricultural Residues ?

Recently, when strawberries and cherries are harvested, many people will buy them to eat at home. Because these fruits are small in size and can not be peeled, some people are worried that they will wash pesticide residues that do not clean the epidermis. In order to eat safely, some people also bought today’s more popular fruit and vegetable washing machine with the wind. However, in the course of use, they also said that they did not know whether the fruit and vegetable cleaner could remove more than 90% of the pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables as advertised by the merchants.


“To buy is to feel at ease.”
Reporter’s friend, Miss Chen, is a strawberry controller. Now, when the strawberry harvest season comes, she will buy some strawberries to taste every day. However, when she heard that strawberries would be sprayed with a lot of pesticides during planting, she was a little worried about eating them because of unclean cleaning. Last month, Ms. Chen saw on her microblog that a fruit and vegetable cleaner could remove more than 90% of the pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, and she bought one for home use. A month later, she said, the color of the fruit and vegetable was much brighter after machine cleaning, but she did not know whether it could remove more than 90% of the pesticide residues in the fruit and vegetable as advertised by the merchants.
Last Saturday, a reporter at Miss Chen’s home saw a brand of fruit and vegetable cleaner she bought online for more than 2,000 yuan. It was a cylindrical object about 30 centimeters wide and 40 centimeters high. Under the guidance of Miss Chen, the reporter tried to clean strawberries and cherries. Soon after the Cheli was put in, the reporter opened the cover of the machine and saw that the surface of the Cheli was covered with small bubbles. The water in the machine began to become less clear. The same situation happened in the process of washing strawberries. At the same time, during the whole cleaning process, the reporter smelled an ozone odor similar to that of disinfecting cupboards at home. When the machine is cleaned, the reporter compares the washed kernels and strawberries with the machine wash, and finds that the color of the machine wash is brighter. As for whether the pesticide residues have been removed, the naked eye can not distinguish them, but it will make the users prefer the machine wash to the hand wash.
Later, the reporter contacted the customer service staff of the brand to consult and understand the efficacy of fruit and vegetable washing machine. Customer service personnel said that the machine can not only give vegetables, fruits and meat to remove agricultural residues, reduce hormones, kill bacteria, but also can be used to detoxify dishes and chopsticks, so that consumers can eat at ease in all directions. As for whether the fruit and vegetable cleaner can remove more than 96% pesticide residues as mentioned in the propaganda, the customer service personnel said it can, and let the reporter check the test results issued by a testing agency in the sales page.
In the comment page, the reporter saw that many buyers have the same mentality as Miss Chen, they said that for the efficacy of fruit and vegetable washing machine, they are not very clear, so they go home to use it is just a picture of peace of mind. “People say that pesticides can be effectively removed, anyway, we can not go into this point, but always feel that cleaning is much cleaner than not washing.” Miss Chen said with a laugh.

All kinds of high-tech names dazzling
On the same day, the reporter visited many electrical appliances stores in the region and did not find similar fruit and vegetable cleaning machine products of Miss Chen’s home, such products are mainly online sales. On Taobao, Jingdong and Suning E-commerce platforms, reporters found similar products after keyword search. The prices of these products ranged from hundreds to thousands of yuan, and many brands were involved. In addition to a large number of unknown brands, well-known electrical brands such as Mei and Rongshida were listed. The products from Korea and Germany are more attractive to consumers, and their sales are generally high.
Subsequently, the reporter opened a number of sales pages of fruit and vegetable washing machine products, and found that different brands of fruit and vegetable washing machine have different names, in addition to the name of fruit and vegetable washing machine, there are also fruit and vegetable purifier, fruit and vegetable detoxification machine, fruit and vegetable disinfection machine and so on. In addition, the key slogans advertised by different manufacturers are also different. Some advertise cleanliness and sterilization functions, some mainly fight to remove agricultural residues, some models claim to be able to remove heavy metals, and most brands have issued “inspection reports”. However, the reporters compared these testing institutions or testing. There is no unified source for the method.
In addition to these, the general consumer is more concerned about the core technical issues of the product. However, the journalists found that the core technical principles of these products are also different, some are ozone identification technology or live oxygen technology, some are ultrasonic technology, and some are photocatalyst technology, water electrolysis technology, which are really dazzling high-tech names.
The reporter consulted one of the stores with a good comprehensive score for customer service. The promotion page of the fruit and vegetable purifier in the store showed that it could “purify grade 5” and “remove pesticides and heavy metals effectively”. Customer service personnel told reporters that there are many kinds of fruit and vegetable cleaners on the market at present, but they are basically sterilized by ozone and degraded pesticides. However, when the reporter consulted the customer service personnel about the quantity and quality of ozone produced by the machine, the customer service personnel could not give the answer.

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