Air Purifier HEPA Filter Introduction and Maintenance

Air Purifier HEPA Filter Introduction and Maintenance

The filter of the air purifier is very important. Every time we need to maintain it, otherwise, the air purifier will not only give you clean air but also blow the secondary polluted air. Therefore, the filter maintenance of the air purifier is very important, and some filters
The network needs to be replaced, and some need to be cleaned. Today I will take a look at the HEPA air purifier filter.

HEPA filter: HEPA is an internationally recognized and best high-efficiency filter material. Originally used in nuclear energy research and protection, HEPA is now widely used in high-purity places such as precision laboratories, pharmaceutical production, atomic research, and surgery. HEPA is made up of very fine organic fibers. It has a strong ability to capture particles, has a small pore size, large adsorption capacity, high purification efficiency, and water absorption. The particle purification rate for 0.3 micron is 99.97%. This means that only 3 of every 10,000 particles can penetrate the HEPA filter membrane. Therefore, its effect of filtering particulate matter is very obvious! If it is used to filter cigarettes, the filtration effect can be almost 100%, because the particle size in cigarettes is between 0.5 and 2 microns, and it is impossible to pass the HEPA filter membrane.
The filter screen using HEPA technology can not be washed unless otherwise specified. In the current serious indoor air pollution situation in China, the life of HEPA filter is only 3 months or shorter, which means HEPA filters need to be replaced frequently.

In addition, although the replacement cost of the HEPA filter is high, the cleaning life can be extended to some extent by the vacuum cleaner. If the white HEPA filter surface tends to be black, in order to ensure air filtration and good health, The recommendation is to be replaced as soon as possible.

OLANSI air purifiers are constantly striving for technical upgrades. They have introduced coconut shell activated carbon technology and loaded with HEPA filter technology to complete the development of composite filter air purifiers, greatly improving the efficiency of formaldehyde removal. It is recognized in China as a brand of air purifier with strong formaldehyde removal effect.

Of course, since different types of purifiers and different frequency of use will affect the filter replacement time, there is no uniform requirement. Under the weather conditions in Beijing, the purifier filter is recommended to be replaced once every 1-3 months according to the normal frequency of use.
The specific judgment method: If you open it and find that the purifier filter has turned black, or touch it with your hand, you can see the obvious dust falling off, and you should change the core. If you smell bad taste and change it, it is already late.

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