Can infants use air purifiers?

Can infants use air purifiers?


Infants can use air purifiers, which should be used when the air quality is not good, to reduce indoor air pollution.

The air purifier itself has no negative impact on the health of the baby, but if the air purifier is not used, the baby may be exposed to air pollution, which may have a serious impact on the baby’s health.

A year ago, UNICEF published a report stating that air pollution can affect the brain development of infants and cause brain damage. Air pollution can also cause pneumonia and other diseases in children under one year of age and is one of the causes of infant death.

In the past few decades, Europe and the United States have conducted a number of studies on air pollution and infant health and concluded that air pollution affects infant health. However, the air pollution situation they studied is inconspicuous compared with the air pollution situation in many parts of Asia, including most parts of China. The serious air pollution in Asia has a serious impact on infant health. Further research data is needed.

In recent years, smog in China has been very serious, and its impact on the health of infants is undeniable. In this case, efforts should be made to reduce the impact of air pollution on themselves and their families. The use of air purification equipment is one of the methods. Family, be sure to do a good job of air purification, not to be taken lightly.

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