The biggest source of pollution in your home may be an air purifier!

The biggest source of pollution in your home may be an air purifier!

Central heating in the north began in succession, and major cities ushered in a new round of smog. “Going out to wear a mask to filter, to open the machine to clean up” has become the standard of urban life.

But the market is full of purification equipment, the effect is as good as it is?

“Big card” is not reliable

In 2016, the Beijing Consumers Association conducted a sample survey of online shopping air purifiers. Among the 50 brands, 11 brands had safety hazards during use, and the performance of 15 brand products did not meet the requirements of the new national standard. The brand accounts for more than half of the total sample.

According to the survey, the more popular brands that the public is more inclined to trust, the greater the problems such as Philips, Brutal, and Sharp, such as virtual standard performance and data fraud.

“protective umbrella” turned into a source of pollution

Blindly relying on big names is a big misunderstanding of consumers. Another misunderstanding is that air purifiers are a once-and-for-all thing.

Many brands in the market are claiming that their products have a larger CADR value (air circulation capacity). In fact, when testing CADR values, long-term effectiveness is not considered. Most purifiers use the activated carbon filter to absorb the pollutants such as pm2.5 and formaldehyde. The non-selective, water vapor, perfume, and other substances are also adsorbed. The filter is easily saturated and the service life is 1 week~ 3 months’ time.

The saturated filter has a formaldehyde removal capacity of 0. As the air flows, the formaldehyde is easily desorbed, forming a new source of pollution. Therefore, most products on the market are not effective enough to deal with formaldehyde for a long time, which is why few manufacturers dare to install formaldehyde monitoring digital display.

How to buy a reliable air purifier?

Consider the following 5 points
1. Filter purification capacity:
General purifiers have multi-layer filters for filtering different contaminants. Try to choose a purifier with a large amount of filter material. Under the conditions, understand whether the raw material quality and production process of each layer of the filter is advanced, and ensure the purification rate is above 98%.

2. Filter life:
As the use time increases, the purification capacity of the filter will decrease with the increase of deposits, and if it is not replaced in time, it will become the largest pollution source in the room. The filter and the complicated replacement process of hundreds of yuan have caused consumers to commit “delayed disease” again and again. In order not to worry about yourself, choose a filter that lasts for more than one year!

3. Air circulation capacity:
That is the CADR value we mentioned earlier, of course, the higher the better. Although it can not fully represent the purification ability, it is also the embodiment of the cycle efficiency. Generally, the family chooses a CADR value of 300 or more.

4. Whether to display in real-time:
The real-time digital display makes the air quality more intuitive. Consumers can also judge whether the purifier is effective or not and whether the filter needs to be replaced.

5. Is it silent:
The purifier should complete his work silently in the corner, which is also the basic quality of white electricity.

If you are interested, the Internet is probably a search. Most of the purifiers that meet the above conditions are more than 5,000 yuan, and today I recommend this air purification artifact – Olansi air purifier, the crowdfunding price is only 1999 yuan.
Olansi Air Purifier is funded by China’s established listed company Baoan Group. Baoan Group has been committed to controlling automobile exhaust, industrial waste gas, and domestic air pollutants for many years. The products are exported to Europe, America, and the Middle East.

I didn’t understand that the company that is unique in the industrial field, why should we continue to develop life products, the product owner said:

“The Chinese people generally trust foreign brands, but their air purifiers are mainly in addition to local pollen. The ability to remove formaldehyde and pm2.5 is not strong. The products of Europeans and Americans are not changed and sold to Chinese people. It is always inappropriate.”

Can you use the most cutting-edge technology to make a purifier that truly solves the problem of indoor air in China?

Multiple composite filters filter out multiple contaminants
Purification rate up to 99.99%

Mr. O’s air purifier uses a three-stage high-precision filter. The first-effect filter is imported from Taiwan, with high-density nylon mesh material and a well-developed pore structure. It filters 5mm dust particles and hair fluffy substances in the air.

The core filter is designed with a platinum titanium catalyst filter + nano-ceramic plate. Under the action of platinum-titanium catalyst, formaldehyde is efficiently decomposed into carbon dioxide and water, and harmful substances such as benzene and nicotine are filtered out. The service life of the filter is 3 to 5 years.

At the last stage, the US imported a HEPA filter. The glue line, peak fold and folding distance on the surface of the filter are reasonable, and the adsorption area is 3 times larger than the conventional filter. More than 80 kinds of pollutants such as pm2.5, bacteria, virus, fungal spore pollen, and asbestos metamorphic products suspended in the air were filtered, and the filtration rate was 99.99%.

350 m3/h particulate matter CADR
Guarantee 5 hours of indoor air purification for 1 hour

The Olansi air purifier adopts a circular air guiding ring air inlet, a side air inlet, and a top three-dimensional circulation design, and the airflow is large. After starting up, it produces a high concentration of negative oxygen ions (about 10 million / m3), mixing clean air, and can also embrace the mountain wind at home, regulate the nerves, and eliminate fatigue.
Japan Shenrong Import Sensor
Intelligent digital display air quality is visible in real-time

The accuracy of the sensor also determines the filtering effect. Mr. O’s air purifier adopts a Japanese Shenrong imported laser sensor to detect changes in external air pollution faster and start cleaning air earlier. Although the application cost is high, the detected data is more reliable.

In terms of the display screen, the Olansi air purifier is the first to be equipped with a professional formaldehyde monitor. The PM2.5 and formaldehyde content values ​​are displayed independently, and the air quality is comprehensively evaluated, which is not possible with other purifiers.

Sleep mode noise is 28 decibels, and daily power consumption is about 1 degree.

On the core components, the Olansi air purifier adopts a DC low-resistance fan, and the circular air guide ring of the air inlet and outlet is designed to be operated with less low noise and low noise. Only clean air and subtle wind sound accompany you to sleep.

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