China’s new national standard for air purifiers

China’s new national standard for air purifiers

On September 25, 2015, China set a new national standard for air purifiers. This should put some order on the chaotic market of air purifiers in the country.

This standard will include more specific performance indicators for an air purifier. These are the CADR, CCM, energy efficiency class and noise level parameters.

China’s growing air pollution is fueling the rapidly growing market for air purifiers, with sales of 2.0 million units in 2013. However, many manufacturers and retailers have overestimated the performance of air purifiers. Chinese air and have created the Chao market. They mislead consumers in promotions.

One of the new standards is the evaluation of the life of the air filter. In addition, detailed labeling requirements for air purifiers are proposed. The manufacturer must specify the life of the product and the application on the label. The standard contains device performance for dust and formaldehyde.

The first version of the air purification unit was manufactured in 2002 and the first version was redesigned in 2008. This did not meet the expectations of the public. The previous national standard for indoor air cleaners did not take into account the need to use an anti-P2.5 filter or increase the frequency of use by consumers.

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