Cleansing instrument and hand wash face how to PK?

Cleansing instrument and hand wash face how to PK?

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So what are the benefits of washing your face with your hands? Convenient, easy to use, free of charge;
The texture of the skin of the hand can perfectly fit the texture of the facial skin, and the friction between the textures can also remove some of the aged keratin;
Moderate pressure on the finger can apply different massage strengths to different areas. In addition to cleaning, you can also give a key massage to the facial points. What are the benefits of using a cleansing device?
Cleaner when cleansing! The principle of the cleansing instrument is to perform deep cleaning by high-speed oscillation;
During the high-speed shock of the cleansing instrument, it can also stimulate the skin and accelerate the blood circulation of the face.
Washing your face is actually not a trivial matter. Although it is only a small part of our washing, how to wash and wash your face is the key. If the skin does not have a good foundation, it will also impress others. The first intuitive feeling, or the girl’s skin is not easy to float, dry, acne marks, etc. The problem is that the face should be cleaned. Nowadays, many people start to use the cleansing device to wash their face. Is it really so good compared to the traditional hand washing? Still not as good as washing by hand? Let us find out!

After finishing the benefits, what are the shortcomings of our hands washing our hands?
Inadequacies in washing your face with your hands
It is easy to cross-infect the bacteria in the hands and face, and it may not be cleaned;
The strength of the hand is not well controlled, and it is easy to cause thin skin to accumulate, relax, and then produce wrinkles.

Olansi 2-in-1 Cleansing Importer
Deep Cleaning
 Micropulse reversal technology
 Lead reverse rotation cleansing
 Open the pores
 Take away the dirt on the skin surface
 Deep cleaning
Drive skin movement
 Micro vibration mode
 Increase skin elasticity
 Promote collagen regeneration
 Improve skin firmness
Ultrasonic introduction
 42 ° C heat to open the skin channel
 Water molecule atomization
 Refine the essence into small molecular particles
 Micro vibration introduction
 Push the skin care essence to the bottom of the skin

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