Clear the ‘dirt’ and transport nutrition

Clear the ‘dirt’ and transport nutrition

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The traditional way of washing your face, are you sure you are cleaning?
Hands: hard but can’t help, can’t deal with the face of the little devil
Sponge: Solve the problem, it is easy to absorb bacteria
Cleansing brush: traditional rotating brush head, can not deep clean pores
Cleaning is not in place, which can cause skin sensitivity
The pore depth is not cleaned in place, which may cause dirt to accumulate in the pores and deep layers of the skin. In the long run, it is easy to cause skin irritation and various skin problems.

Is the skin care product bad, or is the skin care method wrong?
Incomplete cleaning: hand wash remover has residue, clog pores, hand-coated nutrition can not penetrate the muscle bottom
Choosing the wrong skin care product: not selected for your own sarcoplasm
Skin care is not closed: pores are not shrinked in time after skin care, nutrient loss

How to wash your face? How to improve the effective utilization of cosmetics and skin care products?
Olansi Cleansing Importer
1. Set cleaning / massage / import as one of the multi-functional care
2. Micro-pulsation inversion technology, the guide head reverse rotation cleansing
3. Micro-vibration mode to drive skin to exercise
4. 42 ° C heat to open the skin channel
5. Atomization of water molecules, refine the essence into small molecular particles
6. Micro-vibration introduction, pushing the bottom layer of the skin
7. UV disinfection head, disinfection cleansing brush
8. 3-speed strength cleansing adjustment
9. 25 degree softness silicone brush
10. Host IPX7 waterproof
11. The charging stand is not waterproof, the UVC head is not waterproof
12. Humanized grip design

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