Consumer-Driven Upgrade of New National Standard Air Purifier

Consumer-Driven Upgrade of New National Standard Air Purifier

In Beijing, air purifiers have become the norm for many families. Last year, the list of energy subsidies was included in the air purifiers as part of the brand. The dark hoses in Nissan’s white merchandise released on March 1 did contribute to improving the consumer market for air purifiers.

Recently, at the forum site of the 2nd China Air Purifier Industry Forum held in Beijing, the national standard air purifier was recently launched. Jingdong signed a contract with 17 air purifier companies and issued it. Commitment“

New National Standards Accelerate Consumer Upgrading

As the new national standard of “the most serious” air purifier, as of March 1, 2016, with the manufacturer officially starting to act quickly, the index air purifier index CADR (air purifier) and CCM (cumulative quantity) are the four core indicators to measure the quality of air purifier. Energy efficiency level, noise, it is known that it has aroused the greatest concern of consumers at home and abroad manufacturers.

On the other hand, prices will change the market of new domestic standard products, so as to respond to this continuing “rotation mode” upsurge in the future, high prices are the key point. The data provided by market organizations are at the value level of CADR. The market share of the low-price segment increased significantly when introducing lower-cost products compared with the original new products and data provided by market agents.

Some manufacturers of the original model can upgrade the original model by changing the use of lower-cost products to improve filters and other product upgrades after introducing new national standards. The new national standards have changed the market and made it more competitive.

Third, consumer education: a new national standard, through a variety of media platforms to guide consumers to interpret, guide consumers to make rational choices to buy air purifiers.

The interest of Foreign Luxury Brands

GfK Market Consulting (China) Co., Ltd. provides retail data of 352 million air purifiers in 2015, an increase of more than 8% over the previous year. Retail sales of nearly 75 billion yuan have increased by 10% compared with the downturn of the large consumer electronics market. This figure still deserves attention.

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