Detoxification and cleansing, deep decontamination!

Detoxification and cleansing, deep decontamination!

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Sensitive, acne, acne, skin care products have entered a lot of pits, but have not begun to use, they are imagining that when they run out, they will have Q-elastic skin, full of collagen. When I was finished, I found that the skin not only did not get better but worse, the acne kept going, the pores were washed more and more, until I didn’t dare to look in the mirror, and the acne wave was still unresolved.

In fact, this is not a problem with skin care products. More is that the face is not cleaned, especially when using a towel to wash your face. If you don’t change the towel for a long time, the aphid bacteria on the towel will be scary, and the face will be washed more dirty. The People’s Daily recently issued a special report on towels: It has been used for 6 months to increase the number of bacteria by a minimum of 1 million+, and the direct consequences of these bacteria are redness, redness, itching, and acne. The pores become larger, but the hand wash does not reach the effect of deep decontamination. The wrong way to wash your face makes the skin ‘burdened’, the dirty things can’t be cleaned, and the skin care products can’t be absorbed. Over time, the pores are clogged, coarse, and the makeup remover is not cleaned, and acne, closed mouth, and oil stains will follow.

Olansi Ultrasonic Introduction Cleansing Instrument wakes up sleeping beauty. Clean your house with your face and let the dirt have nowhere to hide!

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