The worse the skin washes! How many of the 6 misuses of the cleansing instrument are you?

The worse the skin washes! How many of the 6 misuses of the cleansing instrument are you?

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As the days flowed, and gradually entered the middle-aged girlhood, skin care was also taken more seriously, and the first step in this maintenance is: wash your face!

Speaking of washing your face, everyone has a history of bitterness, especially after a cleansing device. Some people feel that the skin is getting thinner and thinner, some people say that they use a cleansing device to get acne, and some people have bigger pores… Is it really the fault of the cleansing instrument? No, the cleansing instrument says: We don’t have this pot!

In fact, as long as it is a regular brand of cleansing instrument, it will not wash our fresh little face, the reason why the skin is worse, mainly because the product is not selected, or the use of improper methods. Today, I will take stock of the six misunderstandings of the cleansing instrument for everyone, hoping to save your little face!

Misunderstanding 1: Everyday

Some people think that the cleansing instrument can deep cleans the skin, and I can’t wait to use it twice a day. This is actually very harmful to the skin. Because the brush head of the cleansing instrument generally has a certain exfoliating function, if it is used every day, excessive cleaning will damage the stratum corneum of the face, resulting in the thinner the skin, especially the sensitive muscle friends, do not use it every day. Generally, oily skin is recommended for up to two days, and sensitive muscles can be used once a week. And with a cleansing instrument, don’t use other exfoliating products anymore.

Misunderstanding 2: A long time

Some babies like to rub the brush head on the face very hard, and feel that only this way can be cleaned, but it is not. Its cleaning principle is to use the vertical vibration technology to “shoot” the dirty things from the deep pores, instead of relying on the force, so when cleaning the face, just leave the cleansing device in the place where it needs to be cleaned, let it vibrate and clean, clean and clean. One part is gently moved to other parts to continue cleaning, and each part does not have to stay too long, otherwise it will cause excessive cleaning and even cause allergies. Oily skin for 2-3 minutes each time, other skin types should not exceed 1 minute, focus on cleaning the T area.

Misunderstanding 3: Dry cleaning

Many people worry that the cleansing device often fails to wash with water, so it will be wrong to choose dry cleaning, or just use a small amount of water to wet the face. Because the skin and the machine are dry or semi-dry, even a slight blemish can cause damage to the skin, and there is not enough moisture to clean the face and it is not easy to foam. Therefore, be sure to soak the brush head before use.

Misunderstanding 4: No or less use of facial cleanser

Aside from the cleansing instrument of facial cleanser, the cleaning effect is also greatly reduced. Our face secretes oil every day, and there are various kinds of cosmetics, dust and other dirty things. It is difficult to clean thoroughly by relying on the vibration of the cleansing instrument. Of course, only the face wash with hand wash can not achieve the effect of deep cleaning, so it must be To combine the two, you can give you the best cleaning results!

Misunderstanding 5: Machine cleaning is not in place

Every time you use the cleansing instrument, you must clean it carefully. Whether it is the brush head or the body, it must be thoroughly cleaned. Otherwise, the cleansing instrument that has not been cleaned will breed bacteria. If you use it again next time, it will not clean your face. It is infected with the face. Qualified cleansing products are all waterproof and can be safely cleaned without worrying about damage. Of course, the cleaned machine and brush head must be placed in a ventilated and dry place to dry thoroughly, or use a paper towel to dry the water and then store it, otherwise it will make it breed bacteria!

Misunderstanding 6: One for all households

Some babies think that the machine will be cleaned every time it is used up, so the whole family can use it together and save money. But in fact, the cleansing instrument must be used separately, just like a toothbrush can not be shared is a truth! Sharing is likely to cross-infect the bacteria on your face and eventually hurt your tender face!

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