DIY’s own low-cost air purifier

DIY’s own low-cost air purifier

At seven o’clock, high school students from all over the country introduced 24 high school students to the challenge of innovative work, 3 p.m. Eastern Time and 3 a.m. in the United States.

Olan Air Purifier OLS-K04 1

The Harvard Youth Innovation Challenge is understood as the Harvard China Education Forum, which aims to build an exhibition platform for young people. From the point of view of the organizing committee, the former Harvard China Education Forum, as an educator, has reached a peak of dialogue in China and has nothing to do with student education. This new challenge has effectively attracted students to participate in the Harvard Chinese Education Forum and to connect with Chinese people to test their creativity and public relations observation skills.

Beijing Royal School won the first prize in the competition brought to you by DIY’s own low-cost air purifier exhibition, which was unanimously affirmed by educational experts. In the start-up process, urban students with increasingly serious environmental pollution have analyzed the causes of air pollution and jointly developed air purifiers with low cost, high efficiency, simple manufacturing, and low cost.

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