Do you need a water purifier? Yes, you need it!

Do you need a water purifier? Yes, you need it!

The weather is so hot that people’s drinking water will increase greatly.
Microorganisms are more susceptible to reproduction during hot seasons.
The safety of drinking water is also particularly prominent.
Some people pick up a cup of water directly,
Some people take water from the faucet and then boil it with a kettle.
But are these waters really safe and clean?
It’s really Too Young Too Naive.
It can only be said that the ideal is full, but the reality is very skinny.


– The truth about water pollution

After the bottled water is opened, it will take too long to be placed.
The water dispenser is not regularly cleaned and disinfected.
These are all likely to cause new pollution to water quality.
Even the water coming out of the tap in the house,
There is no guarantee that it will be innocent.
They pass through water plants, reservoirs, valve faucets, etc.
After a long pipeline,
Can come to your home.
This process maybe
Infiltrating rust, mud, microorganisms, etc.
Affect your water quality.


– How much water people need per day –

research shows,
People are already in a state of micro-dehydration when they are thirsty.
Active hydration is very important.
An adult drinking every day
At least 1500-1700 ml of high quality
Drinking water (about 7-8 cups).
——Source: “Chinese Dietary Guidelines (2016)”


– The taste of water can also be optimized –

Tap water may contain
Residual chlorine, volatile organic compounds, disinfection by-products, etc.
Affect the smell and taste of drinking water.

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