Why should the water purifier be bought now? !

Why should the water purifier be bought now? !

Secondary water supply into a safe soft rib of drinking water: qualified at the factory
Not qualified at home
Examples are as follows:
At present, most urban communities need to build their own storage and pressurization facilities to introduce water from public water supply networks into thousands of households. This process is called secondary water supply. However, some local public water supply pipes are qualified for water, and water problems that enter the community and flow out of the user’s faucet frequently occur. Secondary water supply is becoming a weak link in the safety of urban drinking water.

Amazing scene! Shenzhen woman taking a shower from the shower
Red live insect

Bathing at home is a beautiful thing, but the recent bathing has become a nightmare for Ms. Zhong and her family. On December 27, Ms. Zhong, who lives in Century Square in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, told reporters that she found many showers bursting out of red bugs during bathing. It is reported that the cause of the red bug appears or appears in the water pipe. The water pipe in the community has been a cast iron water pipe for nearly 20 years. The water pipe is rusty and damaged, so there may be impurities and insects in the water pipe.

“High-end” bottled water was actually filtered for tap water.
Sale of fake barrels of water

Tap water disguised as a high-end bottled water for profiteering. Recently, Songjiang police cracked a case of counterfeiting famous branded bottled water. After investigation, it was found that the production and management environment of the fake dens was bad. The suspects filtered the tap water through a simple filter device purchased by himself and directly filled it into an empty bucket without any disinfection and affixed with a counterfeit trademark. The barrel is packaged by a machine, and the entire process of making a fake can be completed in just a few minutes.

Hainan Daily
Bacteria exceed the standard bottled water into a healthy stealth killer

Drinking unqualified, expired or unclean bottled water can cause various diseases, which can cause discomfort, dizziness, diarrhea or nausea, which can cause serious poisoning. Not long ago, some schools in Haining and Haiyan, Zhejiang Province, had symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The number of reported cases reached more than 500. Tested by the local CDC, it is determined to be Norovirus infection. The student’s infection with Norovirus was mainly caused by drinking bottled water produced using deep water wells.

In the process of transporting tap water to various households, water quality is difficult to be ensured due to corrosion of water pipelines, pipeline ablation, pipe network leakage, secondary water supply, etc.; the bottled water on the market is mixed, the quality is worrying, and some still use tap water. Installed. Moreover, the bottled water must be consumed within a certain period of time (recommended within one week). The more the period is exceeded, the more bacterial microbes are regenerated and the water quality is difficult to be guaranteed.

You believe, or don’t believe
Unclean drinking water will affect the body’s health

Many people may feel that drinking water for so many years has not seen any problems, but the harm of unclean drinking water to the body is long-term accumulation, and it is too late to find it.

The harm caused by unclean drinking water has two major characteristics: First, it is gradual. All kinds of toxic substances slowly accumulate in the human body to cause harm, which takes a long time, so it is not easy to detect and more concealed. Second, it is not easy to decompose and accumulate. Organic poisons and all heavy metals are generally not decomposed and metabolized. Once they enter the human body, they will only stay for a long time and accumulate.

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