Do you really understand the air purifier?

Do you really understand the air purifier?

air purifier

In recent years, the degree of air pollution in China has become more and more proportional to the degree of economic development. The traffic flow on the streets, the heating of people, the power generation of thermal power, etc., is the visibility of tomorrow. Whether we can see the blue sky has become our most concerned. The topic is especially the smoggy winter. Many families have begun to pay attention to the health of the air. Therefore, the air purifier has gradually entered the ranks of many household appliances, and the market has also set off a wave of air purifiers.

So do you really understand the air purifier? Let’s analyze it below:

Advantages of air purifiers
1. Dust removal. The biggest role of empty net is dust removal, which includes the removal of ash, dust, pollen and so on. For those who are sensitive to the nasal cavity, empty net is a very necessary device.
2. Sterilization. Sterilization is an important function of emptying. It is necessary for the elderly who have poor resistance at home, or those who have stayed in places that are susceptible to bacteria. In the high season of flu, when the family comes to the guests, they can also open it to prevent problems before they happen.
3. Net taste. Decoration odors, such as some of the taste of the plate, can also be purified. At least to ensure that people can live in a fresh and odor-free environment, this is an important reason for the existence of empty. At the same time, if a guest comes, or if the guest wants to smoke, or if the guest’s feet are stinky, they can rely on the empty net to remove the taste and avoid embarrassing situations.
4. In addition to formaldehyde, toluene, hydrazine. Anyone who has purchased an air purifier knows the CADR value, which is the only measure of the performance of the air purifier.

The above is about the analysis of air purifiers, but we feel that it is still very beneficial to use air purifiers. When using air purifiers, you must make careful choices to let your family enjoy fresh and clean air. Create a healthy and comfortable space for your family.

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