Don’t buy a small air purifier anymore! Useless! All you need is a new style!

Don’t buy a small air purifier anymore! Useless! All you need is a new style!

Air-conditioning, basically every family has it; it relies on it to cool in the summer, and it keeps warm in winter, which is better than the husband. Buy a top 5 household air purifier and optimize your home air without worrying about smog. However, although the fresh air system cannot replace the air conditioner, it can solve the air pollution problem and is much more useful than the purifier.

As for the fresh air, the system is stronger than the purifier? Is it necessary to install it? Let’s talk about it in detail below.

The fresh air system evolved from an exhaust fan.

Later, due to air pollution problems, fresh air systems with filtering functions were born. Its function is that the air inlet filters the outside air and sends it to the room; the air outlet draws the poor air inside the room and sends it to the outside. Therefore, the most important role of the fresh air system is to change the air and filter. The new style without these two functions is just an advanced exhaust fan.

When it comes to filtration, you might think of a purifier because its role is to filter impurities in the air. However, there is an essential difference between an air purifier and a fresh air system, because the purifier can only be ventilated indoors, it filters the air we breathe back and forth, and can only filter PM2.5.

The fresh air system can dilute formaldehyde because of the role of ventilation. Just look at this. However, due to the pipeline, the fresh air system is louder than the purifier and the cost is higher.

Still, friends are curious, can the fresh air system replace the air conditioner? The answer is no. The main function of the fresh air system is to ventilate and not control the temperature. Although its heat exchange can keep the air coming in from the room and the room at temperature, it also needs air conditioning and heating.

With heat exchange, after the outdoor air cleaner comes in winter, there will be no cold due to the sudden cold air. However, the air temperature after heat exchange is still a few degrees different from indoors, but the impact is not significant.

If you decide to install a fresh air system at home, besides knowing that the fresh air system is more effective than the purifier, you can’t replace the air conditioner and the heating. You also need to know the problems that need to be paid attention to when buying and installing the fresh air system, because you don’t understand the pits.

1, look at the amount of air
Before buying a fresh air system, you must have how many flats in your house, in order to choose a fresh air system suitable for your own air volume according to the number of square meters.

80-120 flat house, 250 air volume. More than 120 flats, within 200 square feet of the house, choose a fresh air system with a capacity of 350. However, the larger the fresh air system, the louder the noise, and the noise, energy consumption, air volume, and heat exchange rate are all related to the fan, so it is really important to choose a good quality fan!

2, see the classification

There are three kinds of new fans: ceiling, cabinet, and wall hanging. It is recommended to have a ceiling type. First, because it is convenient to install, it does not affect heating. Second, the air circulation in the whole house is good. The cabinet and wall-mounted models are not as good as the ceiling air fresh air system in terms of air circulation throughout the house. When installing, select the top air supply + top exhaust air, which does not affect the installation floor heating, and the maintenance is convenient.


1, change the filter
The filter material is the most expensive thing in the fresh air system. Electrostatically adsorbed filter media does not need to be replaced, but it will release ozone. If it exceeds the standard, it will cause problems such as cough, shortness of breath and itchy skin. Since it is a fresh air system for a healthy installation, it is better to choose physical filtration. Physically filtered filter cartridges are replaced 3-6 months to see the degree of air pollution. This health consumption is much cheaper than going to the hospital.

2, the installation is early
The fresh air system is best installed when it is renovated at home, and it can be done in 1-2 days. Install the fresh air system before the decoration, you can choose the ceiling type fresh air system, and the pipeline is convenient. If the renovation is considered, only the wall-mounted fresh air system can be selected. Note that the kitchen and toilet are not required to be considered for installation, as these two areas require separate ventilation.

3, the pipeline is selected
The pipes of the fresh air system have hoses and pipes. The hose of PE is more than a thousand dollars more expensive than the hard tube. The advantage is that the noise is small and the air supply is good. The PVC pipe is cheap, but the room is far away from the host, and the air volume is small. If it is not bad money, recommend the hose; if the money is bad, choose the hard tube of PVC, it will not affect the overall fresh air circulation, and the noise of noise treatment will be much smaller.

Therefore, there are air conditioners and purifiers in the house, and it is necessary to install the fresh air system because the first two can not solve the problem of ventilation and air pollution. Moreover, the future fresh air system will become more popular, because scientific methods can change our living environment.

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