Quickly remove formaldehyde and live in a new home, use ventilation + air purifier

Quickly remove formaldehyde and live in a new home, use ventilation + air purifier

The indoor environmental pollution is mainly caused by the presence of various volatile organic compounds in the indoor air, such as decoration materials, furniture, incomplete combustion of fuels, and chemical agents, which cause air pollutants to accumulate in confined spaces for a long time and cause pollution to the indoor environment.

In family life, decoration pollution mainly exists in the form of gas. The more common pollutants are formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, TVOC, and other pollutants.
Formaldehyde is mainly found in various types of non-environmental plates, paints, paints, and decorations. Formaldehyde is harmful to human health and may cause cancer in severe cases. Benzene, ammonia, and TVOC scavengers are mainly found in paints, paints, and wallpapers. The easy diffusion of benzene in the air can cause damage to the human hematopoietic system and affect pregnant women and fetuses.

The resistance of different people to pollutants is not the same, so how long it takes to stay can not be generalized.

Generally speaking, ordinary adults can stay in the air for 3 months after the renovation is completed. However, if you still can smell the irritating smell when you check-in, you need to consider delaying the stay. It is best to ask the professional organization for indoor pollution detection. Secondly, the later the check-in time, the better. If it is necessary, it must be more than half a year and use various measures to remove pollution at home.

Therefore, many new homeowners will use various methods to remove formaldehyde after renovation. Although they cannot be completely controlled, we can reduce indoor pollution to a minimum by some means.

In order to be able to quickly and safely enter the new home, the following several methods for removing formaldehyde are recommended.

The preferred choice for household formaldehyde removal is to maintain good ventilation. This is mainly due to the low cost of ventilation and easy operation. The circulation of indoor air can accelerate the drying of paints and the like, thereby releasing harmful gases and discharging them outside through air circulation.

However, everyone has overlooked one point: What is the effect of ventilation? In fact, the effect of window ventilation depends mainly on various external factors such as weather, range, and type of house. If there are rain and rain, we can’t open the window, and the ventilation will not be able to play a role. In addition, for example, the reason for the type of house, the house is in a leeward place, or the windows in the home are rarely conducive to ventilation (many families are dark guards). Therefore, if you want to rely solely on ventilation to remove formaldehyde, it is best to dispel this idea as soon as possible and cooperate with other methods of removing formaldehyde.

air purifier
The use of technology as much as possible, in addition to ventilation, if the economic situation allows, you can consider the use of air purifiers, even the installation of fresh air systems will receive better results.

Air purifiers are a new type of household appliances that have entered Chinese homes in recent years, mainly to clean indoor air. The core technology of air purifiers is physical filtration. The fan inside the purifier “pushes” the indoor air into the machine and isolates the contaminants through the filter. The filter has a certain pore size and different sizes of pores, which can isolate particles of different diameters.

The decoration pollution is a gaseous pollutant, the diameter is much smaller than the particle pollutant, less than PM2.5, and can not be isolated by the filter. Therefore, most air purifiers can only remove particulate contaminants, and they are also helpless with gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene. Therefore, in addition to formaldehyde must choose a formaldehyde air purifier.
In addition to formaldehyde air purifiers must have two points: First, the filter layer can absorb + decompose formaldehyde, which not only can firmly lock the formaldehyde but also prevent secondary pollution from escaping. Second, it is necessary to accurately display the value of formaldehyde, so that it can detect the change of formaldehyde value in the whole house. It is clear at a glance, and people are very relieved!

Activated carbon
Activated carbon is a self-porating adsorbent that absorbs formaldehyde from the air and stores it in its own pores. Because most activated carbons have better absorption capacity, but only by absorption to control pollution, it will not be long before it reaches saturation. At this time, the activated carbon can not only play the role of removing formaldehyde but also become a source of pollution to release the absorbed formaldehyde. Therefore, when it is generally used for about 3 months, it is recommended to throw away the old activated carbon, replace it with new charcoal, or choose a new type of activated carbon such as coconut coke, which will last for a long time.

Nano live ore
Nano-live ore is imported from the active volcanic ore, sepiolite, and other pure natural ore and non-metallic rare earth ore, through deep purification and scientific ratio, through the original process to improve the finely produced particles. All of them are international mainstream natural environmentally friendly raw materials, with extremely developed Emi and nano-scale pores (1 angstrom = 10 nm), and the micropore diameter is concentrated at 0.23-0.91 nm, which is 5000 times that of the same-body activated carbon. Toxic and harmful gases such as formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, TVOC, etc.

Nano live ore has the advantages of decomposability, long life, and no secondary pollution.

Increase air humidity
The increase in indoor air humidity can condense many small water droplets in the indoor air, and the formaldehyde floating in the air is absorbed by these small water droplets. However, since the water droplets gradually evaporate over time, the absorbed formaldehyde is released again, and thus it can be seen that this method cannot be applied to long-term removal of formaldehyde.

The above four methods are the most mainstream and most effective methods for removing formaldehyde. Many households choose formaldehyde and top 5 large air purifiers in addition to formaldehyde. In the weather that is not conducive to window ventilation, the best room air purifier is turned on in addition to formaldehyde. , Convenient and practical.

Summary of invalid methods:
Although the plant can absorb a small amount of formaldehyde, the absorption is very small, which is a drop in the bucket for decoration pollution. The peel can’t remove formaldehyde, can’t absorb formaldehyde, and can only cover the decoration taste with aroma. The vinegar is similar to the peel and does not react with formaldehyde. It only uses a pungent odor to cover up the taste of the decoration. Governance methods must be scientifically chosen, and must not be used to save money and listen to rumors, and delay the timing of governance to endanger health.

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