Don’t let indoor air pollutants become the longest companionship

Don’t let indoor air pollutants become the longest companionship

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Do you know that people spend 70% of their time in the house? I have escaped the smog and pollution outside, but I can’t hide the indoor pollutant killer. I don’t think it’s too stupid and naive to think that the friends who will stay in the house will not suffer from air pollution! Indoor pollution is smaller?

Seeing the increase in pollution outside, you might say: It doesn’t matter, it is safe to stay at home and not go out. But in fact, according to a 2010 study by the US Environmental Protection Agency, indoor pollution is more harmful than outdoor pollution.

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), about 70% of a person’s life will be spent indoors, and the average daily intake of air is 12 cubic meters. Urban residents even spend about 70-90% of their time in various indoor environments. Over. Nearly half of the world’s people are exposed to indoor air pollution every day. In the face of this situation, do you still feel that ‘being indoors’ is safe?

Three types of pollutants in indoor air

In fact, every room space may contain invisible pollution. There are three main types of indoor air pollutants:

  1. Biological pollutants

Biological pollutants are characterized by small size but wide diffusion range and high speed, which can easily lead to allergic reactions such as sneezing, eye discomfort, cough and asthma. Hair and dandruff like pets and humans, pollen, various bacteria and viruses, dust and dust mites, and microorganisms are biological pollutants.

  1. Chemical pollutants

Most of the chemical pollutants come from families with smokers, decoration works, cleaning supplies and furniture. Prolonged exposure can irritate the skin, nerves and respiratory tract, posing a health hazard. For example, second-hand smoke, formaldehyde, benzene, helium, etc., are all chemical pollutants.

  1. Odor

The odor comes from pets, cooking, garbage and the human body. The odor is unpleasant and affects the home life and neighborhood environment.

The harm of indoor pollution is often overlooked by us, but it needs to be concerned and understood!

For ordinary people like us, protecting ourselves and our family is a top priority. Putting our air purifier at home is the most unrequited decision.

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