Indoor air pollution has become a cause of many diseases?

Indoor air pollution has become a cause of many diseases?

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Before the Chinese got up, they used to turn on the radio to listen to the news and listen to the weather. Nowadays, everyone wakes up and looks directly at the mobile phone. The temperature is either cloudy or sunny. The most important thing is to look at the PM2.5 index outside – decide whether you need to wear a mask when you go out, because no one wants to be a ‘human flesh vacuum cleaner’.

Many people choose to stay indoors in the haze days, thinking that this can breathe less dirty air, but this may not be wise. Dr. Zhao Zhuohui, Department of Environmental Health, School of Public Health, Fudan University, said: There are statistics showing that 70%-90% of people’s daily activities are indoors. If the outdoor atmosphere is polluted, it will affect the indoor air quality, and the indoor environment itself. There are also many sources of pollution, and the superposition of the two will cause serious indoor air pollution.

Is the indoor air worse?

In fact, according to the ‘Indoor Air Pollution and Health’ released by the World Health Organization in September 2011, the degree of indoor air pollution is 5-10 times higher than outdoor pollution, and 4% of global diseases are related to indoor air quality. It is worth noting that indoor pollution is mainly caused by the use of solid fuels in households under open fire and open stove conditions. This cooking and heating practices can cause high indoor air pollution and produce a large number of pollutants that are harmful to health, including permeable to Tiny particles of smoke in the deep lungs. Sources of particulate matter in indoor air typically include coal-fired heating, tobacco smoke, cooking fumes, plant pollen, and indoor human activities.

The haze weather will cause serious harm to human health. Cold, tight or dumb, persistent cough, rhinitis, dizziness and fainting are all early symptoms caused by smog. If you do not pay attention to the respiratory protection of smog, it is more likely to cause A series of serious consequences including cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease, and cancer. For the time being, wearing a mask and a household air purifier is a more effective means of smog protection.

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