Haze Harm To The Human Body

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Haze, fog and haze combination of words. Haze is common in the city. In some areas of China will fog incorporated into the haze as disastrous weather phenomenon to forecast, collectively referred to as “haze”.
Haze is the role of the interaction of specific climatic conditions and human activities. Economic and social activities for the high population density will emit large quantities of fine particulate matter (PM 2.5), if emissions exceed the capacity of the atmospheric circulation and carrying capacity, the concentration of fine particles will continue to accumulate. At this time if static stability weather influence, extremely easy to appear large range of haze.


Haze on the human body harm

First, induced respiratory disease. The composition of the haze is very complex, the size of hundreds of particles, these particles through the human body to breathe, into the respiratory tract, will lead to bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases.
Second, cause disease of heart head blood vessel. Haze weather, low oxygen content, can make the heart beat faster, chest tightness, shortness of breath, especially a greater harm to the elderly.

Third, cause a variety of bacterial diseases, because the fog and haze of the sun does not reach the earth, or the sun is weak, so that the surface of the bacteria on the surface of the rapid propagation of bacteria, causing allergies and other diseases.

Fourth, the risk of cancer increased. It is well known that smokers have a 60% higher risk of lung cancer than the average person, while the haze contains more harmful particulate matter, so the haze is more likely to cause cancer than smoking.

Fifth, make people feel depressed, irritability. The person’s mood is very easy to have the weather, fog and haze gloomy, foul air, people’s emotions will become depressed, irritable mood. Things start to lack of vitality.

Sixth, traffic accidents are likely to happen. Haze weather will let the visibility reduction, serious can only see a distance of a few meters. The pedestrians on the road, vehicles have great potential safety hazard, is very dangerous.

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