The subsidiary function of Air purifier do make it away from fashion.

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Fashion represents a trend, represents a development trend of society nowadays, but the real fashion is not how the appearance of its unconventional, different, but it is simple, but it is a real solution to our problem, this product can be called fashion, and now after all the hot air purifier is the case, we buy it not because it looks good, but it can help us to clean the air, remove the pollution, “vase “Who will buy, but in the current serious pollution under the premise of this” vase “may not give any help, so we choose the air purifier, we must be rational. This is also a responsible performance for your life. The following together to enjoy the more strange design.

Practical air purifier

  1. It is too special. With the increase in the number of products and homogenization of the increase, people are increasingly pursuing a different, personalized products. Manufacturers also with the psychological changes in consumers, resulting in a variety of strange air purifier modeling. However, these so-called “artistic sense” of the product, although it looks different, but may cause inefficiency, lack of purification capacity.
  2. Fancy lights. Now many air purifiers are equipped with indicators to show the working state of the air purifier, and even some of the backlight to join the convenience of night operation. Some air purifier display lights can not be closed at night, seriously affecting sleep.
  3. Long power cord. Power lines can be said that many of the weakness of electronic products. It’s not ok without power cord,but some electrical appliances, especially air purifier,it’s power cord is too long, so that although the air purifier enough to plug the board, but too long power lines sometimes hindered, accidentally tripping people.
  4. Ozone content is not clearly marked. For ozone I believe we are not familiar with ozone, a characteristic of the smell of light blue gas. Can be in the air of floating bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, and can neutralize, decomposition of gas, remove stench. But at the same time, too much ozone will stimulate the body’s respiratory tract, oxidize the body tissue, causing harm to the body, especially the elderly and children. So it is important to note whether it identifies the amount of ozone released, and if this release is below the human health hazard, we can give priority, because the effect of ozone is worth our choice.

These are just a few of them, but only this part, let it out of the pursuit of the pace of people, because we need is not how beautiful its appearance, but the need for its true performance, air purifier said In the end is the purification of the air, and we are the same time to purify the air to judge the number of a machine is good or bad, but not to comment on its high price, the appearance of how beautiful, if deliberately pursuing these, only So that the air purifier out of the fashion track.

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