Help you choose the right water purifier

Help you choose the right water purifier

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When it comes to clean water, many readers know its importance. When everyone feels the need for a water purifier, I believe that the pollution of tap water is known to one or two, and will not be repeated here.

Reverse osmosis membrane is the safest
At this stage, in all water purifiers, the equipment with reverse osmosis membrane is the safest (the smallest filter pore size). In view of the serious pollution situation of the water source now, it is recommended that you directly consider the water to drink directly, that is to say, the water can meet the European and American direct drinking water standards (also consistent with the standard of drinking pure water in China). Mainly to solve the needs of family members to drink, cook, soup, make tea, soak milk. For the family, it is very practical. This is also the first step in the health of the family’s water: it is safe to let the water coming into our body from the mouth.

Have a water storage tank
The most common household reverse osmosis machine is equipped with a water storage tank. Because the filter pore size is small, the water should be filtered and stored in advance to have a normal water output when needed. There is no need to worry about the internal sanitation of the water storage tank. The inside of the water storage is a sealed skin that can only be squeezed out (the nitrogen between the water storage tank and the skin is filled with nitrogen), and the outside air cannot enter. For qualified products, the skin material is food grade and will not cause pollution. Moreover, the water storage tank is a unique mark of the water purification equipment with a reverse osmosis membrane, and is also easy to discriminate. For water purification equipment without water storage tanks, most of them are ultrafiltration machines or water purification equipment mainly using other filter elements. The filtration precision is not comparable to the water purification equipment with reverse osmosis membrane. Generally, direct drinking is not recommended.

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