High-rise houses do not need indoor purification, don’t be stupid, use air purifiers quickly

High-rise houses do not need indoor purification, don’t be stupid, use air purifiers quickly

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Buying a house is a top priority for many people. For a suite, many people need to borrow from a bank in addition to their savings for many years. However, in modern cities, there is a lot of pollution, heavy fog, car noise and exhaust. Many people prefer a high-rise house for air quality.

Is this really true? Not all! The actual data shows that the concentration of particulate matter is not the highest in the 10th floor. In fact, the concentration of each layer is not much different. Therefore, no matter how many floors you buy in your house, you can basically “same breath, share fate.” Therefore, whether you live on a low floor or a high floor, indoor air purification is indispensable.

The fresh air system can provide air ventilation for 24 hours without interruption, ensuring clean indoor air. Indoor dirty air, formaldehyde, smoke, and odor can be discharged indoors, and high-efficiency outdoor fresh air can be introduced. However, the fresh air system is expensive and requires professional installation such as punching, which is destructive to interior decoration. It takes a long time to use, and requires professional cleaning and replacement of filters, etc., followed by high after-sales pay. Local tyrants can be considered!

The air purifier can effectively neutralize the harmful gases such as volatile organic compounds, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, insecticides, misty hydrocarbons, and paints, and avoid the body’s discomfort caused by inhaling harmful gases. It can also effectively settle various inhalable suspended particles such as dust, coal dust, smoke and fiber impurities in the air to prevent the human body from breathing to these harmful floating dust particles. In addition, the air purifier is cheap and can be used by plugging in. The cleaning and core changing are simple and convenient, and no professional technology is required. Flexible movement, where to move in the corner of the room, where to move. Xiaokang home preferred!

Plants have the functions of beautifying the environment, regulating the climate, retaining dust, and absorbing harmful gases in the atmosphere. Some plants can be placed in the house, and they can also purify the air. Chlorophytum, tiger-tail orchid, golden green radish, aloe vera can absorb harmful gases, while the immortal ball and the arrow lotus can not only reduce electromagnetic radiation, but also have the effect of producing oxygen and sterilization.

After reading the introduction, I believe many people have a certain understanding of indoor purification! There are quite a lot of indoor purification methods. It is recommended to combine various methods, such as air purifier + plant, it will have a good effect.

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