Household Air Purifier: What we need is the best air purifier from olansi to protect us

Household Air Purifier: What we need is the best air purifier from Olansi to protect us

In many places, air pollution is still on red alert. We can’t ignore it. We must find ways to keep our bodies away from air pollution. What we need is the best air purifier to protect us.

How to Choose Air Purifier

Looking for CADR and CCM, the bigger the better.

On March 1, 2016, the so-called “air purifier” in the national standard defined the basic technical indicators of the air purifier, including “clean air quantity” (hereinafter referred to as CADR value) and cumulative purifying quantity (CCM). Choose air purifier and purify indoor air area and factors related to indoor air pollution degree. We should pay attention to the CADR value (m3 / h), that is, the ratio of the purified air output of the air purifier divided by 10 areas, which is suitable for indoor air purification.

The indoor air is three to four times an hour. The height of a building is about 3 meters. Therefore, the CADR value is divided by 10. If there is more indoor air pollution and there are numbers or small animals, the appropriate CADR value should be higher. For different pollutants, the CADR value of the air purifier is different. For example, PM2.5 CADR values need to be considered in view of fog.

CCM value refers to the durability of the OEM air purifier, which is the cumulative amount of pollutants that can be carried by mesh. The higher the CCM value, the longer the life of the filter. CCM value is an important factor in determining the price of air purifiers.


How to Keep the Indoor Environment

Close doors and windows to reduce indoor smoke. Open the window in time when the air is good.


Which air purifier is your best choice


1. We use a high-quality PP cotton filter, you can completely remove water, rust, sand, suspended solids, debris residues.

2. High-efficiency activated carbon KDF filter daughter-in-law has a strong ability to quickly filter, purify and remove odors.

3. Ion exchange resin filter, remove dirt, dirt, hard water into soft water.

4. The natural medical stone filter is harmless to the human body and can effectively purify water quality. It contains potassium, which is necessary for the human body. Strontium, lithium, zinc, molybdenum and other ten intentional human trace elements.

5. High-energy biochemical ceramic filters release deliberate minerals to the human body by changing sleep score substructures with powerful gas energy.

6. Negative potential antioxidant filter, high energy activated water, with ultra-low REDOX potential, is currently the lowest in drinking water, is conducive to scavenging free radicals.

7. Hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filtration, bacteria removal rate 99.9%, thorough cleaning polymer, organic matter and so on.

8. High magnetic resonance dual-loop magnetization filter, after water magnetization, oxygen, osmotic pressure, surface tension, salt solubility, and other properties change.

9. AT light-wave energy conversion filter activates the activity of nucleic acid-protein biomacromolecule and restores the body’s balance function.

10. Special microcrystalline carbon filter, silver antimicrobial, eliminating odor, color, loading silver technology, inhibiting bacterial growth, while improving the taste, the taste of water is sweeter.

For your health, we sincerely recommend our Olansi air purifier, which can improve your indoor air quality. Olansi air purifier includes OEM air purifier, China air purifier, household air purifier, Hepa air purifier, etc.

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