How to avoid the danger of indoor air pollution?

How to avoid the danger of indoor air pollution?

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Decoration selection of environmentally friendly materials
Those who are preparing to decorate new homes should pay attention to the environmental protection of interior decoration materials, because a considerable part of indoor environmental pollution is caused by improper materials used in the decoration process, such as inferior fiberboard, plywood, paint, paint, adhesive, furniture and carpet. A large amount of organic gas pollutants will be released. Therefore, in the decoration process, try to use formaldehyde-free viscose, benzene-free thinner, formaldehyde-free large core board, veneer, etc., to improve the indoor air quality level after renovation.

Frequent window ventilation
Frequent ventilation and ventilation are the most economical way to prevent indoor environmental pollution. Regardless of whether there is anyone in the house, it should be ventilated as much as possible. On the one hand, it is conducive to the discharge of indoor pollutants, on the other hand, the toxic and harmful gases in the decoration materials can be released as soon as possible.

Use air purifier
The air purifier can absorb, decompose or convert various air pollutants (generally including PM2.5, dust, pollen, odor, formaldehyde and other decoration pollution, bacteria, allergens, etc.), effectively improving air cleanliness.

In fact, many indoor air pollutants are colorless and odorless, and are invisible to the naked eye. When people return to the room from the outside, they will attach a lot of particulate matter such as PM2.5, which will cause the indoor PM2.5 concentration to rise continuously and will not be effectively purified. Especially in the newly renovated new house, the concentration of formaldehyde will be relatively high, so the air purifier is also necessary.

The indoor environment maintains a certain humidity and temperature
Humidity and temperature increase, most of the pollutants are accelerated from the decoration materials, and the increase in humidity is also conducive to the proliferation of microorganisms such as bacteria. But when there are no people in the house, such as when traveling, you can take some measures to increase the temperature and humidity to accelerate the divergence of pollutants.

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