What is the indoor air pollution?

What is the indoor air pollution?

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In recent years, the whole society has paid more and more attention to the problem of air pollution. People not only pay attention to outdoor pollution, but also pay attention to the quality and safety of indoor air. How much do you know about small indoor air pollution?

What are the indoor air pollution?
Organic Pollutants
Formaldehyde, a gas with a strong pungent odor, is a volatile organic compound. It comes from building materials, furniture, various adhesive coatings and synthetic fabrics, but it is mainly derived from wood-based panels.
Both benzene and benzene, toluene and xylene are colorless, aromatic odor gases that are present in the vapor state in the air. In the interior decoration, due to improper selection of decoration materials or unreasonable construction process, it is easy to form indoor benzene and benzene-based pollution.
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are mainly derived from interior materials, fuels, etc.

Inorganic pollutant
Heavy metals, heavy metals in the air are present in atmospheric particulate matter, and atmospheric particulates with a particle size of less than 10um contain higher levels of heavy metals.
Gaseous inorganic pollutants, which have a strong pungent odor and are highly soluble in water, mainly derived from additives and brighteners in interior decorative materials.

Biological pollution
Biological pollution is mainly caused by pollution caused by moist mildew walls, domestic garbage, pets, indoor flowers, carpets, air conditioners, furniture, etc. in the living room. The main pollutants are bacteria and germs.

The harm of indoor air pollution to the human body
Cause frequent respiratory diseases
Indoor air pollution can lead to acute and chronic changes in lung function, such as frequent respiratory symptoms such as bronchitis and asthma.

Aggravating allergic diseases
A common symptom is allergic rhinitis. The most serious allergic disease caused by allergens and stimuli in the air is allergic asthma, which can be caused by allergens or irritants in indoor air pollutants.

Carcinogenic effect
Smoke, cockroaches, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, asbestos, benzene and formaldehyde, and certain insecticides all have carcinogenic effects. Although the true hazard to human health is not clear, the potential hazards still exist, so their concentrations should be minimized in indoor air.

Toxic central nervous system
It is well known that nerve cells of the central nervous system do not have the ability to regenerate, and usually toxic damage is irreversible. Therefore, harmful substances such as formaldehyde and smog are more harmful to the central nervous system than most other tissues.

Harm the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular
Harmful gases such as second-hand smoke and carbon monoxide in the room can cause cardiovascular symptoms and cardiovascular diseases, leading to an increase in the incidence and mortality of cardiovascular diseases.

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