How to choose an air purifier

How to choose an air purifier

Nothing is more important than health. The factors that affect our health are everywhere. If you want to give your family the best care, you must give your family a good environment to keep them away from harm and pollution. Air surrounds every place around us, everywhere, healthy, clean air, so that the family can breathe with confidence. For modern families, every family needs a home air purifier.

How important is air purification? Many people may not realize the importance of air purification, but do you find that your family has a respiratory infection or some small respiratory problems? As a substance closely related to people, there are many pollutions that we can’t see, such as bacteria, decoration residual formaldehyde, PM2.5, second-hand smoke, etc. These substances are not harmful to the human body. I believe everyone knows. Do you want to live in a polluted environment all day long, especially if you have children at home, do you want your children to fight these pollutions all day long? It is important to know that air problems can directly affect the health of your family’s respiratory tract and even cause many diseases.

Choose the air purifier to see the functions and effects. Many people also know that the cleanliness of indoor air is very important to the health of the family, but in the face of a dazzling array of air, purifiers do not know how to start. When choosing a hot sale air purifier, Yi Yi brand designers give you the following suggestions:

First, look at the effect. The role of the air purifier is to create a good indoor environment for everyone, and in the indoor air, the most pollutants are various bacteria, formaldehyde, second-hand smoke, and PM2.5, and you should choose an air purifier that can remove all of them… In the design of products, Yi Yi started from the actual situation of modern home air, and seriously considered the needs of household air purification to ensure that an air purifier can solve many problems in the family air.

The second is to see the noise level. Air purifiers are often used in many homes. If they are very noisy when used, I believe no one will be willing to continue using them, so be sure to choose a less noisy product.

The third is to see the purification effect. Not all air purifiers can achieve deep purification. If the effect of the air purifier is not ideal, the purchase of thousands of products does not make any sense. Therefore, the effect is very important. Consumers must consider the purification method of the product when purchasing, and choose the product that is recycled and purified to achieve deep purification. Like the easy-to-use breeze double-inlet air purification, the maximum indoor air purification, so that every family who buys the product can really rest assured.

A good air purifier is to solve all the problems related to air purification. It is not only necessary to carry out air purification, but also to detect the air condition, and these choices can be easily achieved. Earn more money and give your family a better material enjoyment. It is better to give your family more healthy products. Every family that the air purifier should prepare is the patron saint of family health.

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How to choose an Air purifier?

How to choose an Air purifier?

Powerful Air purifier #K15B- HEPA filter, best model for Asthma, Mold, Dust and Allergies

Air Purifier Basics (What qualities should an excellent air purifier have?) In terms of performance, we use an “high CADR, high CCM, high energy efficiency ratio, low noise” to measure an air purifier. CADR, the amount of clean air purification, represents the purification rate. The larger the value, the faster the speed. This value is also used to calculate the applicable area. Note: CADR is not the bigger the better, it is only the measurement method of the purification area, the applicable area in the national standard;

In the easy-to-understand words, an excellent purifier should have the characteristics of fast purification, low cost of filter replacement, energy saving, quiet and comfortable.


First of all, if you want to choose the same item, the first thing we should consider is the use of the item and the scope of the trial. Generally speaking, it is the purpose you want to achieve. The air purifier is divided into many categories according to its use, for example, in addition to smog, Particles, pollen, mites, etc., now have a rough target according to your needs;

Second, the air purifier considers the technical parameters of purification according to the application. If you want to install an air purifier at home, and there are elderly people, children and people with respiratory and asthma in the home, the purifier is recommended to choose ozone-free. Product; if you want to sterilize, you choose to prefer sterilization, you can choose multiple functions according to function;


Third, the choice of air purifier air blowing, it is best to choose the wind in the back or below, the wind out, because there are two main ways of air evolution in the air evolution, one is the wind in front of the front wind, The second type is the way of entering the wind at the back (below) and the way of the wind above. Since the former may cause floating and sinking in the air or on the floor, it is recommended to select the purifier of the second mode;


Fourth, energy consumption, it is recommended to choose energy-saving purifiers, although the price will be more expensive, but each time you use it, you will not feel pressure, the purifier is usually divided into A~D grade according to energy consumption, comprehensive If you consider it, it is recommended to choose the D level, but also depends on the specific parameters. The higher the general parameters, the better the performance;


Fifth, the air purifier will generate noise during use. With the intuitive feeling, the purifying effect of the air purifier is not easy to see in the short term, but the noise generated during work becomes a judging pros and cons. The key, so when we choose the purifier, the sound that can be emitted when the purifier is out of the wind will affect the rest of the person;


Sixth, when we choose a purifier, we should choose a large amount of air. Generally, the larger the air volume, the better the purification effect. At the same time, we choose a large brand with guaranteed products, and in the future, it is convenient to maintain and maintain the cost. Guaranteed product to extend the warranty period;


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