How to choose an effective air purifier?

How to choose an effective air purifier?

At the end of autumn and early winter, the air quality problem has once again become a problem for people. The hot sale air purifier market is once again hot. In the face of the endless publicity of products and businesses, how do consumers choose a truly effective “artifact”? You can focus on the following three aspects!

One: look for authority certification!

The British Allergy Association is a full-category allergen certification. The British Allergy Association was founded in 1991 by experts from leading universities and medical institutions in the UK. It is an authoritative national charity that helps some 21 million allergy sufferers in the UK. The British Allergy Association reviews and certifies products that are effective in reducing and removing allergens and contaminants. The purification product with the “Allergy UK” British Allergy Association certification mark means that the device can effectively filter out allergens in the environment that are prone to allergies, asthma and other symptoms. The Amway® Air Purifier is the world’s first home air purifier certified by the British Allergy Association.

AHAM, the abbreviation of the American Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, adopted the Clean Air Volume (CADR) certification standard adopted by the American National Standards Institute ANSI in 1988. It is the certification standard for small air purifier equipment and is still air at home and abroad. The most important indicator of purifier performance. Products that comply with the AHAM standard must pass a third-party laboratory test to mark the AHAM certification mark on the body and outer packaging for consumer identification.

ENERGY STAR (Energy Star) energy-saving certification standard is the energy-saving standard set by the US Environmental Protection Agency in collaboration with the US Department of Energy in 1992, jointly with manufacturers and retailers, and is committed to energy-saving and high-efficiency. Products to achieve the ultimate goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions and improving environmental quality. Since July 2004, the ENERGY STAR rating applies to air purifiers.

A truly effective air purifier should have the characteristics of allergens + high CADR value + high purification energy efficiency, and only one pass is not strong, “1 anti-2 high” is considered strong! It is understood that only Amway Yixin® air purifiers have passed all the above certifications with high standards! Its high standard experience is:

· Effectively remove airborne particles as small as 0.009 microns and 97 air pollutants with a single filtration rate of 99.99%;

· Efficient clean air volume (CADR), which can output up to 425 cubic meters of clean air per hour;

· The purification efficiency of a number of pollutants has reached the high level specified by the National Standards for Air Purifiers by the performance test of Tsinghua University Building Environmental Testing Center. Among them, the purification effect of solid pollutants is twice the high-efficiency level;

· When operating at 1st speed, the sound pressure is as low as 23 decibels, and the annual power consumption is only 35 degrees.

Second, choose the purifying effect to see the air purifier

A large number of consumers said that after some air purifiers are turned on, it is difficult to accurately grasp the purification effect without using external test instruments. But in fact, as a product of conscience, there are already products that use high-quality technology to develop intelligent display screens, and display various indicators such as air quality and filter life more accurately on the products, so that consumers can intuitively understand the air purifiers. The purification effect and indoor air quality.

Third, refused to OEM, static integrated air purification products

As of 2017, the brand of China’s air purifier industry has grown to around 400. The increase in the number of brands has also caused many adverse effects. In the market, fake foreign brands are marked with high prices, and small enterprises are not only able to guarantee the quality, but also have rough craftsmanship, stealing concepts and falsely reporting data. Some merchants use the “no consumables” scorpion to manufacture products with electrostatic integration technology that has safety risks and radiation and ozone hazards. Therefore, consumers need to have a detailed understanding of the business, brand, and products before purchasing, choose the air purifier brand of professional scientific research.

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