How to choose a household water purifier, after reading this knowledge, you will not worry about choosing a water purifier in the future.

How to choose a household water purifier, after reading this knowledge, you will not worry about choosing a water purifier in the future.

In recent years, with the development of society, the problem of air and water pollution has become increasingly serious. Everyone has gradually begun to focus on the quality of domestic water and drinking water. Traditional methods such as heating and boiling tap water and using water dispensers have long been unable to meet everyone’s requirements for healthy water. The emergence of household water purifiers has gradually attracted more people’s attention and has gradually become one of the necessary electrical appliances in every family. However, as far as the market development of domestic water purifiers is concerned, it is still very immature, and everyone lacks awareness of water purifiers. Many people want to buy a household home water purifier but they don’t know which water purifier is better. Today, Xiaobian introduces some common water purifiers in detail, hoping to help you choose the right hot sale water purifier.

First of all, what is the best choice for household water purifiers? We can choose according to the purpose and function of the water purifier. There are various types of household water purifiers on the market in the market. The names of pure water machines, water softeners, straight drink machines, etc., make many consumers dazzled when they choose. I don’t know which one to choose. Household water purifiers are divided into pre-filters, central water purifiers, central water softeners, and terminal straight drinkers. Of course, their respective functions and uses are different. Consumers must make these products before purchasing. Know clearly.

Pre-filter: Generally, it is installed on the surface of the water meter of the inlet pipe. It is the first coarse filtration equipment for the whole room. It can filter out the sediment, rust, large particles and so on in the tap water. It also stabilizes the water pressure and protects the water purifier equipment connected to it. Central water purifier: The most important thing is to carry out a more effective purification of water by the adsorption of KDF filter and activated carbon, which can remove many sediments, rust, bacteria, suspended solids, algae, macromolecular organics, etc. A poisonous and harmful substance can well retain the minerals beneficial to the human body in tap water, and the treated water can directly reach the quality standard of drinking water. Central water softener: This kind of water purifier is made of natural resin to exchange calcium and magnesium ions in water, which can reduce the hardness of water and soften water quality. It is called “soft water machine” and can also reduce water mine. The wear and tear of the clothes on the clothes and skin can protect our skin, protect the clothing, and prevent the minerals in the water from producing yellow spots in the sanitary ware, tableware and other supplies, and prevent the water pipes and water heaters from generating scale, which can be better and convenient. Everyone’s domestic water. Terminal straight drink machine: It adopts high-precision five-stage filtration design. The tap water is filtered at the water terminal, and the water directly reaches the quality standard of raw drinking water. Unscrewing the tap water tap can directly Drinking, to achieve the effect of the instant drink, avoid secondary pollution of water quality, water activity is relatively large, retaining high oxygen, can promote human metabolism, enhance the vitality of human cells. The water purifier has an exclusive space Technology, super five-level purified water effect, can give good quality water to the upper layer of the whole household.

Secondly, we can choose the water purifier based on the actual needs of our home. If the water quality of the household is relatively good, the water does not have obvious abnormalities such as color and odor. You can choose a combination of a pre-filter and a central water purifier to remove sediment and rust from the water. Bleaching powder, bacteria can be; if the water quality in the home is relatively poor, you can choose the combination of pre-filter and central water purifier plus terminal straight drink machine, which can ensure the health of drinking water well; The scale phenomenon is obvious, the hardness of the water is relatively high, then the water needs to be thoroughly softened, and then everyone needs to use a water softener to facilitate domestic water. Under the premise of economic conditions, or the effect of water treatment is relatively high, you can choose to install a full set of water treatment system so that drinking water and domestic water can get the best treatment effect.

Finally, we can also purchase from the energy-saving and efficient aspects of the water purifier. In addition to the functional use of household water purifiers and the choice of water quality, a good household water purifier must have a collection of energy-saving, high efficiency, large capacity, and many other characteristics. The water purifier must also be silent and non-leakage, using a “can-free” integrated design, which can save half of the space. The water purifier completely loses the supercharged model of the traditional electric pump and opens up the innovative water-to-water supercharging technology. It does not need to be plugged in and only requires municipal water pressure to operate. There are many types of household water purifiers. Which one is the best choice can not be generalized. Each water purifier product has its unique features and uses. Such a household water purifier is the best as long as it is suitable for the water needs of the home.

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