How to do air pollution?

How to do air pollution?

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1. When the air is not good, reduce the outing activities, especially the elderly and children, do their own protection when staying outdoors (such as wearing a mask), do not do strenuous exercise with a large amount of breathing.
2. Even in winter, indoors should be ventilated frequently. Because the concentration of pollution is affected by time and temperature, it is very likely that the air pollution concentration will exceed the standard when the door and window are closed for more than 12 hours. Note that if the outdoor air is foggy and the air quality is worse, do not open the window for ventilation.
3. Use less private cars, take buses or ride low-carbon bicycles. Do your part to reduce pollution.
4. Home to raise some green plants to combat air pollution, such as: spider plant, cactus, aloe vera, tigertail orchid, a leaf orchid, monstera and so on. Plants can only alleviate some, but if they are too polluted, they cannot be completely eliminated.
5.Air purification equipment, conditions or want to improve the indoor air environment can choose some air purifiers.

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