How to effectively purify the air pollution inside the car in autumn and winter?

How to effectively purify the air pollution inside the car in autumn and winter?

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In addition to the cold air in the autumn and winter, there are air pollution and smog we are worried about. Especially in cities with serious pollution, the dust is flying, driving out of the house, and dare not open the window. Even in this case, there is still a problem of air pollution inside the car.

The pollution inside the car mainly comes from two ways:
1. Harmful gases emitted from the interior of the car, such as the newly bought car, the unpleasant smell of the holster of the car seat. In summer, the car is exposed to high temperatures in the sun, the interior of the car is closed, and the interior will smell.
2.There are many places where the smog is more serious, it can be understood that PM2.5 has more particles.

In this regard, when driving normally, you should develop good car habits:

Window ventilation
At the same time as turning on the air conditioner, you can open the window for a while, even if you leave a seam for ventilation, this will not only allow the odor to dissipate as quickly as possible, but the most important thing is to put the harmful gas out.

Charcoal package (activated carbon)
After buying a new car, many small partners will choose to use the “charcoal package” to purify the air inside the car. This method does play a role in adsorbing harmful (substance) gases.
Remember to take these charcoal bags for a while, otherwise the harmful substances that are absorbed easily will be “returned” to yourself.

Use car air purifier
The car air purifier is very suitable for use in the closed compartment space. There are many car air purifiers on the market. You should understand the parameters and filtering effects when you choose. The OLANSI K05A car air purifier effectively removes harmful substances such as PM2.5 and cleans the air 360°.

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