Don’t let the air pollution inside your car endanger your health

Don’t let the air pollution inside your car endanger your health

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There is a car family, when enjoying the convenience brought by the car. Have you ever thought that if you do not deal with the air inside the car in time, it may endanger your health? The interior of the car is polluted by air inside the car due to non-ventilation and interior decoration. The toxic substances such as formaldehyde, xylene and benzene are the most serious.

What are the main harmful substances in the car? Seats, seats, handrails, etc. in the car can cause harmful chemicals to the human body. In particular, it should be noted that according to tests, most of the harmful gases in the new car are present. So what should we do to avoid harmful substances in the car from damaging our bodies?

Just like the new house we just bought, it needs ventilation. Window ventilation is the easiest and most necessary method. Especially for new cars, always open the windows to let the air circulate and keep the air inside the car fresh.

There is also a safe and effective method to remove harmful chemicals in the car. It is the use of activated carbon, which can adsorb harmful substances such as formaldehyde. The owner can also install an air purification device in the car. This device can eliminate the odor inside the car, harmful chemicals, bacteria and viruses, etc., and it has a good effect on purifying the air inside the car.

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