how to improve the efficiency of the air purifier

how to improve the efficiency of the air purifier

1, placed in the center

The air purifier purifies the air by means of air movement, so do not put the air purifier against the wall, which will block its tuyere and reduce the purification efficiency. In the case of not affecting the appearance, try to put the purifier in the middle of the room, the effect will be the best because it can work in all directions and without hindrance. Because the purifier can be moved, you can run the wind in the corner first, in order to quickly improve the indoor air quality, and then put it in the middle to clean the wind, so that it will not affect the rest of the family.

2, regularly clean the filter

The air purifier can absorb impurities and dust in the air into the machine, so once the dust board containing the dust in the machine is full, it’s working efficiency will drop significantly, so we must remember to regularly clean the dust plate to extend the purifier. Service life.

Generally, the dust at the tuyere and the filter should be wiped off from half a month to one month. If the odor is smelled after the purifier is turned on, it means that the filter material is basically saturated. We need to clean or replace the filter material. Usually, it is best to change it once every six months to one year, or it can be decided according to the specific use.

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