Why cleaning water must need activated carbon filter?

Why cleaning water must need activated carbon filter?


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Activated carbon plays an important role in the field of water purification. Purified water activated carbon is widely used in chemical, electronics,

pharmaceutical, printing and dyeing, food and domestic water, industrial water, solution filtration, and industrial wastewater purification.

Olansi RO SR01

Olansi RO SR01

In the field of drinking water, if the drinking water is polluted, such as odor, it will first cause people to feel very uncomfortable, and secondly it may

cause harm to human health. Activated carbon adsorption is one of the effective ways to remove trace organic matter from drinking water. It has obvious

effects on the removal of color, smell and taste in water, and can solve many water odor problems, such as: There is rust in the water to produce rust; sulphur

will cause odor; water with high mud content will have soil odor; water with high organic content will easily smash, breed mold, decay, and so on.

Activated carbon has a developed pore structure, has a large specific surface area, and has good adsorption capacity for gases, inorganic or organic substances

in solution, and colloidal particles. Purification of water with activated carbon filter adsorption method is to use the porous solid surface to adsorb and remove

organic or toxic substances in the water to purify the water.

Studies have shown that activated carbon has a strong adsorption capacity for organic matter in the range of 500-1000 molecular 
weight. The adsorption of organic matter by activated carbon is affected by its pore size distribution and organic matter characteristics, 
mainly due to the polarity and molecular size of organic matter. For organic matter of the same size, the greater the solubility and the stronger 
the hydrophilicity, the worse the adsorption of activated carbon on it. Conversely, it has strong adsorption capacity for organic substances such
 as benzene compounds with low solubility, poor hydrophilicity and weak polarity. .

The purified water activated carbon is mostly made from coconut shell and refined by advanced production technology. The product has the advantages 
of developed pore structure, high strength, low impurity content, proper particle size, small resistance and easy regeneration. It has excellent effect
 on water purification. It not only removes odor and odor, but also improves the purity of water. It also has a high removal rate for various impurities
 such as chlorine, phenol, cyanide and pesticides in the water. Can be widely used in various types of large, medium and small water purifier filter equipment.
so this is a reason why carbon filter is very popular used on water purification industry,

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