How to make the negative ion air purifier to achieve the best purification effect?


Is the negative ion air purifier sale effect is poor, or you will not use it? Note the following small aspects, try home anion air purifier and can “single-handedly battle the dust field” it?

So, what is the reason for the United Nations environmental experts in the field are recognized by the negative ion air purifier effect was even other users feel bad enough?

First I thought is that after a large number of negative ions on the concept of publicity has been reported that the effect is: the current market sales of some negative ion filter pm2.5 air purifier truly haze effective one of the few. In the negative ions were “fried” in the past few years, many can not be released anion purification equipment have become “wolf skin sheep”, the phenomenon of negative ions have been robbed never stopped.

In the case of the proliferation of negative ion conceptual propaganda, it is necessary to achieve a good home purifying effect in the case of an air purifier which is simply capable of releasing anion alone, especially in the case of fog Haze purification), you can try to note the following points.

Clean the equipment to open the window and improve the indoor humidity

Here, I need to remind everyone that even if no matter how good the negative ion air filter for home can not help “window clean” ah, therefore, in the use of negative ion air purifier, the first to close the window, reduce the number of open the door, the indoor To create a relatively closed space, so as to be in the field of time, play anion air purifier purification effect. When the purification effect stabilized, such as open the door ah such a small amount of air circulation will not have a serious impact on the original purification effect.

In addition, when the family uses an anion air purifier, air humidity can be increased by a series of humidifiers. In this case the use of negative ion air purifier better.

Will you place the best negative ion portable air purifier position?

I believe that many consumers choose the air purifier, the majority of users will not care about the location of the device, that where can be placed. In this need to remind you that each brand of negative ion air purifier has a different best use of the location of the placement of equipment will not only affect the purification effect, and even avoid a series of unnecessary trouble.

The greater the ion concentration is, the higher the ion concentration is, and the negative ion has excellent dust removal effect when using OLANSI air purifiers. So the more close the location of the instrument from the more serious black. In order to avoid this “black wall” phenomenon due to dust accumulation on the wall, it is recommended to use the negative ion machine at a distance of 1 meter from the wall according to the standard of the specification. In daily life, you want to improve this situation, you can use hand sanitizer or detergent solution soak the wet towel to wipe the machine and often adjust the placement of the instrument.

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