How to pick the air purifier, I have “three strokes”

How to pick the air purifier, I have “three strokes”


I heard that people can live for 7 days without eating, and can live for 3 days without drinking water. But if there is no air, I am afraid I will not be able to live for 3 minutes.

In modern society, with the advancement of science and technology and the development of industrialization, the air we breathe has also been affected and become “unclean”. Not only is the outdoor air polluted, but the indoor air is also “dirty” due to renovations. More and more people realize that our air needs to be purified.

Everyone can’t help but ask, how do you choose an air purifier so that we can breathe safely? Today, Xiaohang gives you “three strokes”:

The first trick: choose technology

The pollutants in the air mainly include particulate matter (such as PM2.5, bacteria, and viruses) and gaseous pollutants (including various odors, formaldehyde or toluene brought by decoration). We need to use different methods to destroy them one by one.

There are two common techniques for removing particulate contaminants:

Electrostatic precipitator

A high-voltage electrostatic field is used to ionize a gas, thereby causing dust particles to be electrically adsorbed to the electrode. The electrostatic precipitator has high purification efficiency and can collect fine dust of 0.01 micron or more. However, electrostatic dust removal does not affect all pollutants, and may also produce ozone, which is harmful to the human body.

HEPA high-efficiency filter

HEPA is an internationally recognized high-efficiency filter material through dense fiber physics to intercept particulate pollutants without secondary pollution. It has been widely used in high-cleaning places such as operating rooms, laboratories and aviation. However, HEPA filters have different grades. Household air purifiers generally use H10-H13 grades. We have to choose a high-grade filter to ensure the effect.

There are two common techniques for removing gaseous contaminants:

Nowadays, the common method for removing gaseous pollutants in the market is to decompose pollutants by adsorption with activated carbon and other materials to ensure that the pollutants will not be released again. There are two common materials:


Under the action of ultraviolet light, the catalytic pollutants produce a photocatalytic reaction, which can efficiently decompose pollutants. However, there must be a light source containing ultraviolet light in the process, and if no light is present, it is impossible to exert a cleansing effect. In other words, it is almost useless in a room with low light or at night.

Cold catalyst

It can catalyze a reaction under normal temperature conditions to decompose various harmful gases into harmless substances such as water and carbon dioxide. Therefore, the cold catalyst can also effectively filter the pollutants in the air in a dull environment and can be used anywhere in the home. Of course, to choose a formal enterprise with an authoritative certification, the quality is guaranteed.

Through technical comparison, we found that HEPA high-efficiency filter + activated carbon + cold catalyst can effectively filter particles and gaseous pollutants in the air. Moreover, this combination has a good purification effect, high-cost performance, and no secondary pollution.

The second measure: look at raw materials

Good technology also needs good materials to achieve.

HEPA filter

The enjoyable air purifier selects the highest level H13 filter in the H10-H13 level that is commonly used in domestic air purifiers. After IBR laboratory testing, it can effectively filter the particles of 0.008-micron particles to ensure the purification effect.

Activated carbon

Enjoy the excellent activated carbon air purifier with a surface area of ​​more than 1000 square meters per gram. As shown in the above figure, the activated carbon is magnified many times, and it can be seen that there are many pores for adsorbing pollutants. The pores of 1 gram of enjoyable activated carbon are expanded to an area of ​​more than 1000 square meters, which indicates that the enjoyable air purifier has high adsorption pollution capacity.

Cold catalyst

The Enjoy Air Purifier uses a highly activated cold catalyst that is evenly distributed on the surface of the activated carbon to accelerate the decomposition of contaminants into harmless substances. It can be used at night, and it can also breathe clean air during sleep.

The third measure: look at the standard

The selection of air purifiers also depends on whether they meet the national standards. In response to the chaos of air purifiers in recent years, the state implemented the “new national standard” in March 2016.

As the “new national standard” participating unit, Infinitus has been producing and verifying products in strict accordance with the “new national standard”, and the products have reached the requirements of “new national standard” and “three highs and one low”.

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