How to use the air purifier?

How to use the air purifier?

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How to use the air purifier? When to use The air purifier is generally used when the indoor air quality is not good. In the case of outdoor air quality is better and the temperature is suitable for ventilation, it should be properly ventilated. Take the decoration pollution such as formaldehyde as an example. Newly renovated houses, wanting to remove indoor formaldehyde, is a long process, and the best way is to insist on ventilation.

Even in 3 to 5 years, it is best to open the window frequently, do not let the room be closed for a long time. Only when it is not suitable for ventilation, such as severe outdoor fog, wind and rain, outdoor temperature is too high or too low, in these cases, the door and window can be used to remove formaldehyde by using an air purifier. In addition, even in the air purifier with excellent formaldehyde removal effect, the formaldehyde content in the room cannot be completely removed.

Because the air purifier only removes the formaldehyde that is volatilized and freed in the air, and the chemical harmful substances such as formaldehyde deep in the decoration materials and the superficial layer of the furniture are continuously volatilized, and the volatilization period is more than 15 years, so The use of air purifiers is also a long-term need.

In this long process, as long as the formaldehyde content is less than 0.08 mg per cubic meter or less (of course, the lower the better), it is a safe range, and does not require excessive pursuit of zero formaldehyde environment. Therefore, fundamentally, the air purifier is complementary to the fresh air outside the ventilated breathing room. Just as we can’t ventilate all year round, we can’t rely too much on air purifiers.

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