How to use the air purifier correctly to enhance the home effect

How to use the air purifier correctly to enhance the home effect

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With the increase of smog and the awareness of residents’ health and environmental protection, air purifiers have become more and more popular in residential homes, especially in large cities with poor air quality. Air purifiers have become almost essential household appliances. But how much harmful substance can the air purifier used in the house get rid of? Is there any worry about the air purifier?


Due to the uneven air purifiers on the market, the smog weather counterfeit goods quickly enter the market to attract consumers’ attention. Counterfeit goods due to rough workmanship internal structural components are not up to standard, their purification ability is very poor, and may even bring secondary pollution to the indoor environment. Some purifiers have advertised exaggerated purification effects, claiming that formaldehyde, PM2.5, PM10, and xylene are all eliminated, and some purifiers generate ozone when they run, which makes consumers hard to prevent. Therefore, the unified home small series reminds consumers to pay attention to quality and quality when purchasing air purifiers, and choose suitable purifiers and other furniture appliances.

Filter maintenance

Air purifiers can improve the environment in which we live and make the environment better. However, it is worth noting that if the air purifier is used improperly, especially if it is not maintained for a long time, it will cause harm. It is recommended that it be used during the process. Regular maintenance of the air purifier.

When using the air purifier first, pay attention to closing the doors and windows. The air purifier is designed to circulate and purify the air in a relatively confined space, and the door and window are closed to ensure the filtering effect. However, according to Yitong Home Xiaobian, it is necessary to use the air purifier for a long time or to open the window for ventilation when the outdoor air is good.

Secondly, it is necessary to develop the habit of regularly checking the air purifier filter to clean and replace it according to the pollution situation. The core components of the home air purifier – HEPA filter and activated carbon filter, usually need to be replaced after 3-6 months of use, otherwise the purification effect is greatly reduced or even used is useless. Once the filter fails, it should be replaced in time, otherwise it will not be conducive to purification and damage to the machine. According to the description of different brands and different types of products, the filter can be replaced regularly according to the requirements to ensure the use of the air purifier. For the filter replacement of the air purifier, refer to the manufacturer’s manual. If there is a product for the filter replacement reminder function, the reset operation is required after the filter is replaced.

If the air purifier is used improperly, there may be no purification effect. Some air purifiers may also generate harmful gases such as ozone. If used incorrectly, cleaning may not cause secondary pollution of indoor air. Therefore, the unified home furnishing consultant reminds consumers to know the usage methods and precautions when purchasing the air purifier, and pay attention to the correct cleaning and maintenance during the use to achieve good air cleaning effect.

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