Hydrogen-rich water and health

Hydrogen-rich water and health

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Excessive toxic free radicals due to environmental pollution, excessive stress, etc., damage the tissues and cells of the body, causing chronic diseases and aging effects, and become substances that can cause various diseases and sudden mutations. Because hydrogen-rich water is very easy to absorb by the human body, it enters the blood in 30 seconds, enters the cell in 1 minute, and absorbs completely in 30 minutes, effectively improving microcirculation, enhancing human resistance, preventing disease and anti-aging, and promoting human metabolism.

“Water quality determines physical fitness”, but there are not many people who can truly understand the importance of water to life and health. Therefore, some people call water “a forgotten nutrient.” According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 80% of diseases in developing countries and 1/3 of human deaths are rooted in water. Professor Li Fuxing, director of the China Health Drinking Water Professional Committee, proposed that the water we drink or the water we use will actually shorten our lives. Good water determines the longevity. The hydrogen-rich water is not only clean, but also has hydrogen and energy. The water is a small molecule living water mass. The negative ions absorb 80% deeply, purify the blood, make the blood flow smoothly, have strong metabolism, prevent various diseases and improve human health.

Hydrogen-rich water is water rich in hydrogen atoms. Judging whether the hydrogen-rich water on the market has a need to see whether the hydrogen concentration has reached 900 ppb or not, the effect of the concentration is not “talking”. Hydrogen is decomposed by hydrogen decomposing enzymes to form hydrogen radicals in the human body. The mechanism is to specifically combine with malignant active oxygen radicals to form water, thereby achieving the purpose of eliminating free radicals. (Free radicals are the root cause of many diseases, which is medical knowledge)

From the perspective of the safety of hydrogen, hydrogen is a human body-derived gas, and the microorganisms of the human stomach produce hydrogen gas through the fart. From the product point of view, hydrogen and reactive oxygen species generate water, and water is certainly non-toxic and harmless. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the safety of hydrogen-rich water. Such products can be listed, and there must be supervision by relevant departments. Safety is not a problem.

From the perspective of life: the intake of antioxidant hydrogen by drinking water should be a convenient way to high frequency. Our family pays great attention to health and buys some nutritional supplements, but they don’t always remember to eat, so I think that water is a more natural and high-frequency way. Cooking, cooking, soup, tea, all use water, no other Nutritional supplements can reach such high frequencies.

From an economic point of view: hydrogen should be a cost-effective antioxidant that can be produced by electrolysis of tap water. The cost of other antioxidants is relatively high, especially astaxanthin, which costs tens of thousands of pounds and is known as “soft gold.”

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