The pollution level is comparable to that of Beijing. Hanoi, Vietnam has only 38 days of clean air last year

The pollution level is comparable to that of Beijing. Hanoi, Vietnam has only 38 days of clean air last year

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According to a recent study by the Vietnam Environmental Protection Agency, the air pollution problem in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is serious, with only 38 days of clean air last year.
According to the report of the “Green Innovation and Development Center” of the non-profit organization in Vietnam, the level of air pollution in Hanoi is close to that of the Chinese capital Beijing. The average annual air pollution index in 2017 is four times higher than the World Health Organization’s bottom line, and this situation is likely to continue to deteriorate.
Bloom, technical consultant of the Green Innovation Development Center, said: “With more than a month, the air quality is good… This is not something people can control. They have to go out to work. It is often difficult to really feel whether the air is good or bad. “”
He said that there are many causes of air pollution in Hanoi, including increased construction, increased number of cars and motorcycles, and farmers burning barbecues. Heavy industries such as steel plants, cement plants and coal power plants near Hanoi are also the main reasons.
According to the report, the current air pollution in Hanoi is worse than the Indonesian capital Jakarta, and as Vietnam plans to build more coal power plants, the situation is unlikely to improve.
The Green Innovation Development Center criticized the authorities for lack of monitoring of air quality, and the public lacked awareness of air pollution. They did not know how to reduce the impact of air pollution on them through effective methods such as home air purifiers.
Broome said that the Vietnamese government must set up more air pollution monitoring stations across the country and provide relevant data to the public. It is also necessary for the authorities to improve urban planning and invest in renewable energy and public transport systems.
Long-term exposure to severely polluted air can affect the body’s respiratory and inflammatory systems, as well as heart disease and cancer. The Vietnamese government launched a national action plan in 2016 to control and test emissions and improve air quality, and plans to set up 70 air monitoring stations in Hanoi.

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