In addition to pesticides, it can be like this!

In addition to pesticides, it can be like this!

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Healthy and rest assured eating is what everyone wants. Many people give up the idea of ​​eating out because the outside restaurant may have oil. They insist on cooking at home every day for the green and healthy food. It seems to be very healthy, but have you ever thought that the fruits and vegetables we use are actually full of bacteria and pesticide residues? These long-term foods often have very serious consequences. Is the fruit and vegetable machine we use useful for these problems? ?

The world’s first fruit and vegetable machine was launched by Sundylee in 2002, but at the time people were not popular with eating health, which also led to the widespread promotion of fruit and vegetable machines. Later, as technology became more developed, people were healthy. More and more attention has been paid to the fact that fruit and vegetable machines have become environmentally friendly home appliances that are as important as air purifiers and water purifiers.

It can be used to clean fruits and vegetables, and the ozone generated by the internal ozone generator is introduced into the machine. By soaking fruits and vegetables, pesticides and bacteria can be removed from fruits and vegetables, which can effectively help people remove bacteria and pesticide residues that cannot be cleaned by water. Wait.

When cleaning fruits and vegetables, the fruit and vegetable machine can effectively eliminate pesticide residues, hormones and preservatives on the top of fruits and vegetables, and destroy all external bacteria, eggs and pesticide residues. In addition to cleaning fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable machines can also eliminate hormones, clenbuterol, toxins and additives in meat, and there are ways to clean them against excessive chromium, pollutants and heavy metals in cereals.

At the same time, the fruit and vegetable machine can also be used as a disinfection tool for cleaning catering utensils and baby bottles. The use of fruit and vegetable machines to eliminate toxic water soaking can achieve the effect of sterilization. If you use the fruit and vegetable detoxification machine to treat the water for fish farming or watering, you can increase the activity of the fish and prevent flower pests.

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